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G.V. 07-22-2010 04:45 PM

Does cabin location make a difference when one is prone to seasickness? Thanks up front for any input.

Dave 07-22-2010 05:06 PM

If the seas are truly rough a cabin closest to the waterline is best for having the least amount of motion. Thus if it is a problem for you, look at booking something in the middle of the lowest passenger deck - not too far forward, or to a lesser extent not too far aft. Actually something with a window is better since seeing the horizon can reduce the effect of motion sickness. An inside cabin gives no point of reference and can add to the bad feeling with claustrophobia.

Dwayne 07-22-2010 11:40 PM


Does cabin location make a difference when one is prone to seasickness? Thanks up front for any input.
Absolutely! I'll second Dave's post. You'll definitely not want one near the front of the ship. Mid ship cabins are best when "high seas" come into play if one is prone to seasickness.

penny3333 07-23-2010 11:11 AM

G.V., if you're prone to sea sickness, have your doctor prescribe you something for it. They have patches that seem to work without making you drowsy. The natural remedies are ginger, green apples, and bitters in 7UP or Sprite. Bonine is over the counter and is not supposed to make you drowsy.

G.V. 07-23-2010 12:59 PM

Thanks for all the input! Hopefully I won't be bothered with it.

jack2007 07-25-2010 09:04 AM

I also agree with Daves' post but also suggest that before you book you should check ship reviews.If you are at the aft on the lowest deck bear in mind that some ships suffer from vibration and this certainly won't help if you also suffer from sea sickness.
On the Costa Fortuna I was on a higher deck but when we went down to the lower decks ( to where the other stateroom we were going to book was ) & at the rear the vibration was extreemly noticable so we were really pleased we didn't book the stateroom we originally had the choice of.

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