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alexandra cruiser 08-29-2010 07:28 AM

Posted this under Other Cruiselines,,but,,,for those who normally wouldn t see that,,just a hint,I made mistake of just asking agent on Seabourn re.smoking...told NOT in cabin or balcony,,,found out on website,,,IS allowed there,,a real dealbreaker,,,so unsafe,unhealthy,and can make room smell like ashtray...trying to cancel and find another ,but maybe too late,,have learned a lesson,,,dont make my mistake if this is a problem for you....

Jim C. 08-29-2010 07:55 AM

Wow, you must be hyper sensitive to smoke smell. We are not smokers and do not like smelling it, but we have been on 14 cruises now and every one of them allows smoking in the cabins. We have NEVER wakled into a cabin to find it smelling like an ashtray nor have we even smelled a smokey cabin smell. The stewards do a fantastic job of cleaning the cabins between guests.

I would think that on a line like Seabourn you would have even less of an issue.

LisaP 08-29-2010 08:32 AM

I am also sensitive to the lingering odor of cigarette smoke, yet have rarely noticed it in cruise ship cabins. There was one instance, but that was many years ago, in which the prior occupants were heavy smokers, yet cleaning methods are much improved since then.

There have been few times I've noticed the odor of cigarette smoking from an adjacent cabin, yet these were on older ships.

You raise an excellent point, though. NEVER trust a cruise line agent, as it's possible that this person has never been a passenger on one of the line's ships. This goes for just about any topic. Checking the cruise line Web site is an excellent idea.

That said -- I updated the Cruise Line Smoking Policies thread in our FAQ section to reflect a few changes and to also add Seabourn. So, thank you!

You're going on a fabulous itinerary not offered by many lines. I wouldn't cancel due to this.

alexandra cruiser 08-29-2010 10:36 AM

Jim,,,am NOT hypersensitive to smoke,,just know its unhealthy and can ruin a vacation if cabin smells,and get cigar smoke drifing from one balcony to the a registered nurse and hubby a VERY aware of dangers of second hand smoke.
Lisa,,thank you for posting the updates...can refer to that when making new reservations,,which I did on Regent for Nov....have been on Oceania,etc...never any problems....Can t find an alternative so far for Norway,,,due to vacation scedules,,,so will just have to hope for best...but will print this update to save time in future...maybe if enough people switch,,,they update,you think??Wonder how others feel"?Any comments:???

Nadine 08-29-2010 11:10 AM

Alexandra, my husband is very sensitive to any kind of second hand smoke. We haven't had problems in cabins, but have had issues a couple of times on our balcony. On our recent cruise to Alaska, one man chose to smoke a cigar on his balcony. His cabin was forward and down a couple decks from us. I guess he didn't read the Princess smoking policy which states smoking cigars outside of Players Bar lounge is not permitted.

Generally speaking, though, we haven't had any big issues regarding smoking on any of our cruises.


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