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Novice Senior 09-08-2007 08:31 AM

We're considering a family Alaskan cruise in 2010 with 8 adults and 7 children who will be under 12.

Do any lines allow children this young alone in cabins -- as in 2 cabins of 4 and 3 children?

Do any lines have interconnecting cabins?

Since the cruise will be our treat cost matters. We'd prefer to offer the parents the privacy of their own cabin -- even one in steerage with a window.

We'd appreciate advice from anyone who has organized such a cruise with young children, there would be two four year olds in the lot

Proud Grandparents

f-mattox 09-08-2007 09:50 AM

That's very kind of you to want to offer the parents a cabin of their own, but the children can not stay alone in a cabin. There needs to be at least one adult. If you really want to do something special, the Novice Seniors could volunteer to stay with the children.

(just kidding)

There are interconnecting cabins and suites. Princess has what they call a "family suite", which is two connecting mini-suites.

There are a lot of possible combinations.

The good news is you have a lot of time to sort it all out. But you do have to have at least one adult in each cabin.

Bruce Barratt 09-08-2007 10:12 AM

Wow that sounds like a wonderfull cruise.
My suggestions: do your homework now.conirm a cruise asap,ship,date and destination and stick to it.I think you will find the experience of planning the cruise as a family,as well as the (looking forward to it) part for the kids almost as rewarding as the actual cruise!With 15 passangers going I am sure that whatever cruiseline you choose will do their up most to acomadate you.Stay close to this site there is a wealth of knoledge here. Good luck and keep us informed!Feel free to ask any questions as you go.

Novice Senior 09-08-2007 10:34 AM

Thanks for the advice. We do have almost 3 years to plan.

Budget does matter, so at best we'd get window cabins for the adults. We've never had a balcony. I had hoped the grandchildren could be across the aisle in an inside cabin.


Sandy 09-08-2007 07:35 PM

Ruth, most cruise lines won't have prices available until 18-12 months before the cruise. For example, in May 2008 Royal Caribbean will come out with prices for summer 2009. Even the ships sailing Alaska in 2010 won't be confirmed until that time. With all the cruise lines coming out with new ships every year, ships change cruising areas and itineraries all the time.

Children are not allowed to be booked into rooms without an adult. Some cruise lines do allow children to be in a connecting cabin. Usually, each cabin has to have at least one person who is 21 or older. Some cruise lines say 25 or older. There are some ways to get around this, but remember, it's the safety and comfort of the children, and everyone really, that leads to rules like that.


cousins 09-09-2007 12:50 PM

You def don't want small children in a balcony suite. My dad and stepmom took 6 teenage grandchildren on a cruise. They book one room in his room with the senior citizen discount and one in her name with a senior discount. They were two interior rooms next to each other but of course you know where they slept...
We booked a balcony room with a pass threw door to my cousins room. That's nice. It was only a little bit more because we booked in advance. Also- you have time to look online if you have a Crown and Anchor # with RCCL for when they have a discount for a new booking. Sometimes they are like $200 off a room. You may have to book sep. so you both get more discounts. Travel Agents are good to have someone looking out for you. I think RCCL agents don't do as good ajob looking out for far as any discounts or dropping in price etc.
Alaska is beautiful! Enjoy

Novice Senior 09-10-2007 06:16 AM

Thanks -- WOW those are some active grandparents travelling with so many teens. But then grandchildren are always perfect companions.

We've never sailed RCCL but that's the one line mentioned most often in response to my first posting so we've already begun to investigate it.

Thanks for your input.


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