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LCP2121 06-04-2011 01:24 PM

Caribbean Cruise Line
I have read some of the reviews with this same question, but I wanted to ask for myself. I received a for a cruise for two for free and a $1300 voucher. My husband and I thought it was 'too good to be true' and thought it was a scam..but after doing a little research and calling the company we booked the trip along with two other trip offers they had. Has anyone else received this and gone on the trip? Or has anyone received this, booked the trip, and got, for a lack of a better word, screwed?

f-mattox 06-04-2011 05:54 PM

I wish you good luck, but I'm afraid your first reaction was correct. I know a couple of people who have taken advantage of offers like this and they always end in tears. The cruise and the accomodations on the other offers are worth just about what you pay for them.

Wheels87 06-05-2011 05:09 AM

Agree with F-mattox...In fact, I just received one of those offers last week. Of course it sounds like all you have to do is attend a simple 90 minute presentation, but that is not the case. They will keep shifting the dates on you and there will also be a lot of upgrade charges, convenience fees and others and you do end up paying what you would have had you booked the trip yourself.

My advice it to try and get in contact with the cruise line and verify your dates. My guess is that they won't talk to you, but it is worth a try. I hope it works out for you, but I'll bet it doesn't. Call the company and verify the dates and see what they say. Then I would verify every few weeks and take detailed notes (and even record each conversation if it is legal in your state). Also, ALWAYS PAY BY CREDIT CARD AND NEVER BY CHECK!!!

Good luck,


penny3333 06-06-2011 01:15 PM

No one gives you something for nothing, it will always come with a price. There will be fees, etc., plus it is a marketing ploy. If you do try it on your own, be sure to follow Brad's advice.

kcrowe1987 10-22-2011 10:41 AM

Caribbean Cruise Line is a SCAM!
Hello everyone. I've been searching for a place to write a review about this company and I'm glad I finally found a forum. I have to warn everyone - this company is incredibly unethical and corrupt and this offer is such a scam. I know this because I actually bought a package (yes, I got had) and I ended up using it as my honeymoon. I bought it a couple of years ago from a telemarketer that called my house and I guess he was just a great salesman because I spent $597 right there on the phone. I decided at the time it was okay, and I got his phone number and assurances that everything that was promised would be delivered.

Little did I know, this would be the most stressful and nickel-and-dime vacation I would ever go on. We got down there and of course, they wanted us to go to a timeshare presentation - which we weren't told about. Of course. We actually got out of the one in Orlando because the guy knew that we were students and the company isn't interested in people of our economic demographic. But then the hotel we were in (a Ramada - awful!!) we got put in a dirty room with pubic hair on the bathroom floor. They gave us another room, but still, gross. Then we got these "meal vouchers" which were only worth like, $7 for lunch and $10 for dinner (which obviously isn't going to cover an entire meal) plus they didn't include tax and gratuity, so you had to pay that EVERY time. The "restaurant" in the Orlando hotel was a joke. We never ate there - it was basically a cold sandwich and salad bar the whole time.

Then we went on the about a ripoff. It was the Bahamas Celebration. Everything was supposed to be included, but of course, most things cost extra. Only a couple of restaurants were "included" - the others you had to pay extra to eat in. Even bottled water was extra - who wants to drink tap water on a cruise ship? Drinks were astronomically priced, but we expected that. They drop you off at a port in the Grand Bahama Island in the industrial district so you are forced to pay for a taxi to get to Port Lucaya (because public transportation is not an option - they're trying to get your money). Other than that, the Bahamas is beautiful. I recommend it, just not with this cruise line.

When we got to Ft. Lauderdale, things just got ridiculous. We went to the welcome center where we were told we had to do another time share. We were pressured into putting a $40 deposit down to get our meal vouchers and the guy said we would get our money back when we go to the presentation the next day at 8:30 am! I was on my honeymoon! How could they expect us to go to a timeshare presentation that we weren't aware of in the first place, and then we have to go at 8:30 am??! Crazy. So we just paid the $40 so we could get the meal vouchers. But then we get to our hotel and eat some lunch and our burgers are burnt and had like, rocks in them - I almost chipped a tooth. It was the worst $11 burger I've ever had. (Of course, the burger cost more than what the meal vouchers allowed.) We left, but they beckoned us back to pay our tax and gratuity. Well at this point, my husband was so livid with how bad we were getting taken advantage of, that we went back to the welcome center and demanded our $40 back. And at this point, I was so done with this company. We wanted to make the best of the remainder of our trip.

All in all, I was INCREDIBLY dissatisfied with this vacation package. I feel violated. And it kind of turned my husband and I against Florida, because we really felt nickel-and-dimed every step of the way - but of course, not Florida's fault, Caribbean Cruise Line is just a horrible company! Stay away from them!!!

f-mattox 10-22-2011 11:47 AM

I've never heard of Caribbean Cruise Line or Bahama Celebration; that would have been my first tip-off. But actually, everything you said about the cruise portion could be said of most cruise lines: the main dining room and buffet are included but most other restaurants have service charges; drinks are expensive and bottled water is not free. Your cabin, meals and entertainment are about the only things included. And most piers are in industrial areas and public transportation is not always an option.

But it seems like most of your problems were off the ship. Please don't let this sour you on cruising. Try another cruise on a well-known and established cruise line, not one that is part of a timeshare trap.

gibso28999 07-14-2012 10:52 AM

Dont use caribbean cruise line
If I could put zero stars, I would.
I signed up for the week-vaca including the 2-day cruise.
My trip is not till august, but even if that goes perfect it still would not be worth the nightmare I have been through already. Customer Service is an absolute joke. Don't waste your time asking for a supervisor, they care even less than the associates. I just found out I have to take a Time Share tour that takes up "part of a morning or part of an afternoon." I was never told about this or I wouldn't have done it. When I talked to a supervisor, he said "you were told back in march." I wasn't.
I get different information each time I call. It usually takes about an hour to get to someone, even though the recording says the hold time should be about "2-4 minutes." I usually get transferred at least 3 times. Sometimes I hold for 20+ minutes then someone picks up and just hangs up. New fees creep up every time I call. They originally said I would get "discount airfare" and "two-for-one flights." Neither was true. The rate on the internet was cheaper, and still a lot. At one point I asked if I could just cancel everything and get a refund, but they said I could not do this. So now I am trapped. SAVE YOURSELF! Dont do it. It's not even that good of a deal after all is said and done. The "resort" that comes with the package got almost 100% horrible reviews, and so I had to pay an extra $200 to updgrade to a halfway decent hotel, that they didn't even bother telling me was in a different city (boca raton, not Ft Lauderdale.) Everyone I talk to is a complete moron who clearly hates life and cares zero about you. I am so afraid to take this trip, it has been this bad so far, I can only imagine what I am in for. I'll post again when I get back, if the boat doesn't sink. God help me.
whew, I feel better.

Svein 07-14-2012 11:51 PM

Sorry to hear this.
The "Bahamas Celebration" was a well known and loved cruise ferry over here in Norway until 2007 when she was sold. Too bad her "retirement career" is such a shame.

And if something seems too good to be true, it is. Always. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Svein 07-15-2012 12:30 AM

BTW, I think the name of the company is Celebration Cruise Line

Dave 07-15-2012 10:17 AM

They use two names. Caribbean Cruise Line is the time-share outfit that offers the 'free' cruise. Celebration Cruise Line operates the ship. They say these are two separate companies and Caribbean Cruise Line is merely a source of passengers, like a travel agency, while other passengers simply bought a cruise from Celebration.

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