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Skipjack 02-09-2012 07:56 AM

Noro virus
There's been a bunch of outbreaks lately, and I wondered if the lines have been providing any compensation to passengers who become infected?

We're taking an expensive Celebrity Baltic cruise in June, and being quarantined in our room sure would ruin it.

By the way, a physician friend told me that hand washing with soap and water if far more effective that those little squirts of alcohol you get at the dining room entrance.


penny3333 02-09-2012 09:17 AM

I have not heard of any compensation other than the last Princess cruise. I would highly suggest getting travel insurance. We were on the Crown Princess in December when they had an outbreak. The cruise line took all self-serve items away, including salt and pepper, silverware, napkins, and you could not serve yourself even a glass of water. They announced via newsletter, television, and public address system. They opened many of the public restroom doors and advised you to use a paper towel to open the stalls and any door that you needed to. They also advised hand washing, set up extra sanitizing areas, and had the staff wiping down the elevator buttons, hand rails, and door handles continuously. I felt so bad for the crew! We did not contract the disease, thankfully.

Skipjack 02-10-2012 06:46 AM

Noro virus
We've been lucky too, but on a bunch of cruises (mostly Celebrity) over the past 15 years we took precautions - frequent hand washing, elbow or paper towel to open doors, don't touch stair rails, elevators, saline nose spray, etc. All these reduce the odds, but not to 0%.

A balcony seems a relatively small investment considering how nice it would be to use it if quarantined. The panoramic view and ability to sit out there sure beats spending a few days with your nose pressed against a small window.


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