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Salemfam 08-16-2009 06:10 PM

Has anyone had experience taking a one-way cruise from a West Coast city to Hawaii? My wife and I are interested in doing so and then staying in Hawaii for a bit before flying home. Ideally I would just cruise, stay and cruise back, but the realities of work don't give me enough time. I've cruised Princess before and would love to stay with them, but I only see round-trip cruises on their website. Have others completed the one way cruise that we're looking for? What cruiselines?

f-mattox 08-16-2009 06:31 PM

I only found two cruiselines that sail one-way to Hawaii: Carnival and RCCL, and RCCL only sails from Vancouver, B.C. Carnival sails from Vancouver and Ensenada, but only has a couple of sailings a year, as does RCCL.

The only other option besides a round-trip on Princess or Holland America would be a 7 day cruise around the Islands on NCL; you could fly over and back, enjoy a nice cruise, and spend as much time in the Islands pre- or post-cruise as your schedule allows.

penny3333 08-18-2009 11:59 AM

Hi Salemfam, welcome to Cruise-Chat. You might want to check with HAL or Princess to see if you could purchase a segment of a world cruise that might fit your bill. I'm sure there are other lines that do world cruises, too. Like Cunard and Regent. It might have just been when Princess was transitioning the Tahitian Princess, but they had a segment from the west coast to Hawaii, then a segment from Hawaii to Tahiti, then a segment from Tahiti to Australia. Just a thought.

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