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Paul Beighley 02-07-2013 10:34 AM

Valentine verses

Love was created by God one night
When the air was clear and the moon was bright,
And the earth lay silent beneath the sky
And the only sound was a lonely sigh.

For man sat alone by a silver stream.
In its rippling waters he shaped his dream,
A misty dream he could not explain.
He longed as the forest longs for rain.

He dreamed, yet knew not what he craved.
By a cloudy shape was his heart enslaved.
Then God took pity upon his sheep,
And man reclined in peaceful sleep.

When he awoke, the day was new
With the perfumed fragrance of morning dew,
And he thought of his dream and began to grieve.
Then a cool hand touched his, and Adam saw Eve.


If you take a lot of loneliness
And stir it in a stew,
Then add a dash of daydreams
And perhaps a prayer or two.
Then blend them all together
And sprinkle with romance,
And serve it to a stranger.
Then you've given love a chance.
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