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Paul Beighley 05-21-2013 12:46 PM

Something A Bit Different
Memories Of The Old Days

When I view the modern ships.
It nearly drives me frantic.
With their sheer enormous size,
They dwarf the famed Titanic.

And when the multitudes embark,
To me, it is a pity,
For I see not a ship at all.
I see a floating city.

The decks are crowded everywhere,
The showrooms overflowing,
The Lido lines are always jammed,
And still they keep on growing.

I still recall the smaller ships
When first I started cruising.
For me, the modern megaliths
Have ceased to be amusing.

So let us search for smaller ships,
And leave the great harassing,
For very soon, they'll all be gone,
And we will miss their passing.

f-mattox 05-21-2013 02:43 PM

I couldn't agree more with your sentiment, Paul. My first cruises were in the early '70s on the 17,000 ton Sun Princess and 20,000 ton Island Princess and Pacific Princess. On the one hand, it's the economy of scale on the mega-ships that has kept cruising affordable; but as you say, they've lost the ship feel. And the affordable smaller ships are becoming fewer and fewer.

Another nice work, Paul.

billybuzzy 05-21-2013 08:05 PM

Paul...You deserve a genuine "attaboy" for the beautifully worded sentiments of Your latest effort. For those of us who have been cruising over the many years.....You have expressed our sentiments exactly!!! Thank You for the wonderful thoughts ......Thank You for reminding us!!!


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