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Tigger888 07-25-2010 09:48 PM

Does anyone know what is the best, easy, cheapest way to get to the Ft Lauderdale airport after we get off from our cruise on a Royal Carribean?Thank You

Cruise Fanatic 07-25-2010 10:33 PM

Welcome to Cruise-Chat. If you're referring to a Royal Caribbean ship that docks at Port Everglades, and not Miami, then just take a taxi.

Tigger888 07-25-2010 10:53 PM

Oh thank You for the info. How far is the airport? and will there be a problem with finding a taxi? Thank You

Cruise Fanatic 07-25-2010 11:26 PM

The taxis will be lined up waiting when you get off the ship. It's only a couple miles to the airport.

Tigger888 07-25-2010 11:28 PM

Thank you again for the info. Have a nice evening or day.....

Sonny V 07-30-2010 09:26 PM

The last time my wife and I took a taxi from the port to the airport it was only $20 - tip included.


Tigger888 07-30-2010 09:36 PM

Hi thank you for the tip.. happy cruising

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