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Old 02-23-2005, 04:29 PM
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I couldn't agree more, kids are great (at least usually), but I think you are missing the point. Not every one agrees with this and even those of us who do, feel there is a time and place for the little critters. My wife and I have two, well used to have two children. Now we have two adults (25 and 22). We traveled all over with them and took them just about every where we wentas they were growing up. We did however except them to behave in an appropriate manner, something too often not seen now (ref. cruisingalong at a comedian performance) We've had a similar experience. We also respected others by not taking our children to places that were not child appropriate.

I have no sympathy for adults who go somewhere kids are expected to be and complain about them. I also respect those who go places that are not child appropriate and have to deal with unruly children. This, of course is usually and parenting problem.

There are cruise lines that are traditionaly child friendly. Others are not. We all have a reasponsibility to make the proper choices and the right to expect others to do the same.

We do much of our travel during school breaks, we are both teachers. Consequently we have lots of kids on our cruises. Most Lines set some of their pools as adult only. I have no problem telling kids, especially unruly ones, and their parents this when they are in those pools areas. We also avoid the pool areas that are family oriented and respect the families (and children) if we are there. Some performances are child appropriate, others are not. Parents need to make that determination. Parents also have to maintain control of their children so others, who paid just as much as they did for their vacation, can enjoy it too.

I have several friends who told me that if a parent is too hard on thier chld, that child will grow up not liking them. I'm sure there were times that ours felt that way about us. Well, both are on thier own, living out of town (one in Korea), both are successful and we communicate just about everyday.

By and large it comes down to "common Courtesy" When people use it, problems are few.

So Kate you go on your cruise without kids. Enjoy yourself, I respect that. In fact, now that ours are adults we lean that way too. Those who want to take thier kids have fun, I know the kids will. Look to lines and times that are kid appropriate. Disney Cruise Line loves you
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Old 02-24-2005, 02:58 AM
Raoul Fiebig's Avatar
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Originally posted by Kevin123456789:
All of you were once kids, and if you had the chance to go on a cruise when you were little wouldn't you?

nobody said that kids shouldn't be allowed to go on a cruise. Cruises are a great kids vacation.

However, I think anybody demanding tolerance when it comes to children should also tolerate somebody who wants to take a cruise in a more child-free environment. The cruise industry offers so many different choices, so there should really be enough choices for anybody.

This is by no means about being "anti-children" in any way. Some people looking for "child-free" cruises might be, sure, but the vast majority I'm sure is not.
Best regards,

Raoul Fiebig

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Old 02-24-2005, 04:20 AM
Cruisingalong's Avatar
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Askdad and Raoul said it much better than I did. I most certainly am not anti-kids.I had 3 of my own and have 5 grandkids who I love dearly.
But there are places where kids should be supervised better.The hot tub incident that I talked about was one and then of course the shows.

I didn't appreciate the parents sitting in one hot tub ,having their drinks and talking peaceably, letting the kids invade ours with typical childlike behavior.Hot tubs don't really make a good place to jump off the sides,snorkle,throw one another and other playful POOL LIKE FUN.As a handicapp person I rarely get to enjoy the relaxation that a hot tub gives you so I looked forward to this. So it really came down to the parents wanted their fun as long as the kids were not bothering them!

Sometimes people are actually injured because children just want to have fun! What can they hurt? Well, on two ocassions, both in the shows, I had a child of about 10-12 run all over me in an attempt to get to a preferred seat. But to be fair to the children, some adults don't act any better.

So, the best advice I can give is be tolerant, try to plan your activities at a time kids are not likely to be present.But if they are,try to enjoy yourself anyway. As long as I don't feel in danger of being hurt, I love to interact with kids.

And one last comment to Kevin. Should Children be allowed thier fun at the expense of all others? Yes, I was a child at one time,lol, many years ago.But I knew how to behave myself even if my parents were not present.Good manners and consideration is something that I must say is sadly lacking in a great number of kids these days.Now remember I said SOME kids. You can't lump ALL kids together any more than you can say something about ALL adults.

I guess it is a generational thing LOL.
And I did have a great time!!!!!
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Old 02-24-2005, 05:52 AM
Join Date: Sep 2002
Posts: 308
Originally posted by Kevin123456789:
Well, you guys really have no respect for your kids(if you have any) or other people's kids. All of you were once kids, and if you had the chance to go on a cruise when you were little wouldn't you? You know it's not just about us all of the time. Don't be a grouchy person, you yourself and the kids can both enjoy the cruises.
It's a CRUISE, your suppose to relax and have fun, and that is what the kids are doing. So let them play, and you can play and relax...instead of being witches and griping about kids all the time. HAVE FUN...
That is the problem. The parents attitued of letting the kids "play". As someone else mentioned parents with their kids using the hot tub as a swinmming pool. We were sitting in one and a family came into it. They played catch with some toy and the kids were doing cannon balls. Then they had a splashing fight. Kids running around in the buffet area. Parents may think it is cute to send some little kid to the area to get something but the problem is when they run in front of you when you are carring a tray and you can't see them. How about the parents that take these sweeties to the shows and allow them to cry, talk or play some hand held video game with the sound blasting during the whole show? They also do the same in the dining room.

Yes we want to relax and enjoy our cruise because that is what we are paying for; but it is difficult when there are parents with kids that don't consider the other passengers.
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Old 02-24-2005, 06:45 AM
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Location: Valley Center, CA 92082
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I have cruised with my son his entire life and he has always been well behaved and very respectful of adults (he is 21 and in college now) Once we took one of his friends and his brother with us (and their parents). What a nightmare! They were the proverbial kids acting out at all times. I couldn't wait for the cruise to be over. Their parents were simply unaware of the impact their kids had on other prople.

My take on it is that the cruise line should enforce the rules regarding areas both on and off limits to children. It wouldn't be that difficult to have a crew member/lifeguard at the pool area and another in the showroom.

Just my opinion.

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Old 02-28-2005, 07:50 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2005
Posts: 3
Ugh, it pains me to read what Kevin wrote about adults not having respect for children. I'm only 32, but I was always taught to respect my ELDERS. It was not so long ago that I had to remain silent or move out of the way of an older person and be polite and to control myself. Even as a kid I remember having to wait patiently as my mother chatted with a friend who lived on our block. I wasn't much more than 8 or 9 then.

The problem is that children are not taught to respect adults. And parents of children are too terrified of their kids not liking them that they refuse to actually *parent* the child. The child is not meant to be your best friend, they are a child and need discipline and structure and consistency so they will be able to survive on their own as adults.

I am here because I'm looking for cruise lines that have a more adult oriented setting. I'm not big on children and I just want to enjoy a peaceful getaway with my boyfriend. I'm concerned about "singles" cruises, though. I don't want anything ***ualized or a "meat market" type of thing. I am afraid that if I search for adult cruises I will find something raunchy, and that I don't want. So, few kids and respectful adults would be great. Am I looking on the right PLANET? LOL
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