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MiketheKid 08-10-2007 12:26 PM

So, when some people hear "cruise", they automatically think of food 24/7, and gaining tons of weight.

How many of you actually do gain a noticeable amount of weight while cruising?

How do your eating/exercise habits vary from when at home? I'm sure some people have a very relaxed "it's vacation, I'll eat what I want" mentality, while others might be thinking "it's vacation, I want to look good".

Personally, since I am rather strict about my eating/exercise habits, I plan on enjoying myself a bit, but at the same time being mindful of the healthy choices. I also have no intention of eating just because I can. I also plan on going to the gym everyday Iím not at port Ė I know plenty of people say that, but I do not belong to a gym at home, so Iím pretty excited about having all kinds of machines and a larger variety of weights.

drlivingston 08-10-2007 03:47 PM

Mike, for most people on a cruise, weight gain is not measured in pounds... rather, it is measured in inches. I usually pack on about 8-9 pounds per cruise. Figuring that I have been cruising about 3-4 times per year since 1993, I have a lot of pounds to shed when I come home. I don't have a separate cruise wardrobe because I want to look good. I have a separate cruise wardrobe because that is all that I have that will fit come cruise time.

Spiritfilled 08-11-2007 04:26 AM

I use to think people were exagerating (sp) when they said they gained 6lbs on a 7 day cruise because to me that was like a pound a day which sounded impossible, but low and behold it happened to me and i don't gain weight like that here at home. I think it is because you are so relaxed and hey you have staff doing almost everything for you from cleaning up your cabin to serving you your meals. At home you cook for yourself, you clean your home yourself and hey you serve yourself and so on and so on, maybe everyone doesn't gain weight but some do and it is not all from pigging out it is just from enjoying more food more often.....I think.

LisaP 08-11-2007 09:13 AM

Mike, I rarely gain weight on a cruise -- and I am one who has a rough time of losing weight at home. While I might indulge a couple of times on the cruise (escargot, chocolate mousse), I continue to be mindful of what, and how much, I eat. You plan sounds like a good one.

In many respects, I find it easier on a cruise as fruit and vegetables are plentiful, portion sizes are controlled (one of the reasons I use the dining room rather than the buffet), and exercise facilities are close by. In my case, I usually do a "walk-a-mile" on deck rather than using the gym, though. I also take the stairs a lot, and do a lot of walking in port.

Dave 08-11-2007 09:19 AM

I don't gain weight either, and it indeed does have much to do with the easy access to salads and fruits on a ship. It is easier to eat healthy when you don't have to do the preparation, and also when the dining room menus always have a salad and/or fruit course. I sort of feel compelled to get the salad every night since it is offered.

susanmaz 08-11-2007 10:02 AM

The only time I gained weight on a cruise was the 11 day Hawaii on NCL with "Anytime" dining - dinner tended to be late (for me) everynight...When bedtime is usually 9:00 - 9:30; eating that late is trouble. To avoid weight gain, avoid the buffet for breakfast and/or lunch. Not that you can't over-order food in the dining room, but you most likely won't. The buffet dining experience lends itself to the "grazing" phenomenon - - a little bit here, a little bit there, and OOOH - doesn't that pizza look good? A little piece won't hurt..... Our last cruise in October - no weight gain (didn't lose either, but that's OK)...

Jim C. 08-11-2007 02:20 PM

We find that while you are eating more on a cruise, you are also much more active. Between the shore excursions and the constant activity on board, you are always active. We do gain a couple of pounds but they quickly come off when we go back to eating normally at home.

Although we eat at the early seatings, so maybe there is something to having to eat let and then sleeping on it.

Dave 08-11-2007 02:24 PM

I never thought much about it, but even on a smaller cruise ship I probably walk at least a couple miles a day just going from place-to-place. Probably twice that on goliath ships like the Freedom class of RCI.

TrvlPro 08-12-2007 10:57 AM

I always gain weight on a cruise. I plan ahead to loose a few so I can indulge.

Cheers, Neil

Spiritfilled 08-13-2007 04:54 AM

Wow thanks TrvlPro I was starting to feel alone here with the weight gain thing. I didn't pork out but I did eat and eat again at times, I gain weight easily sometimes just by looking at food ...joking.

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