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poormom 10-17-2010 07:37 AM

Wondering how your trans-canal Statendam cruise was. I was supposed to be on the Statendam this week, but things didn't work out. I was hoping to cruise vicariously through you!
Does going on the Oasis ruin you for all other ships?

Cruise Fanatic 10-17-2010 08:48 AM

Going on the Oasis didn't ruin me. It made me appreciate the quieter smaller ships all the more.

Berick1234 10-17-2010 02:20 PM

Hi Poormom,

The cruise was HOT HOT HOT.....

Will write a review for cruise review later..

The Statendam is showing lots of AGE...air wasn't working in some cabins, and too COLD in others....leaking pipes and flooded rooms...Food was ok to Great...Service was always GREAT...After the Oasis, my wife preferred the smaller ship....I still liked the Oasis, just because of the different things to do on board...But to me, any ship is better than none at all...

Bob e

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