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canuckcrusiers 12-08-2008 09:25 AM

We recveived an email on Saturday Dec 6 from Carnival Cruises stating that as of Dec 17/08 they will be cancelling the fuel supplement on all cruises departing on or after Dec 17/08 and adjusting the final pmt accordingly. Just wondering if anyone else has received this email? It was sent by Lynn Torrent -Sr. V/P of Sales & Guest Services.

gdjoslin 12-08-2008 09:59 AM

We got an email from our TA. It had a attachment showing that we would get OBC, and our friends would get their price adjusted. Our cruise is paid for their's is not.
With the different booking deals and credit that HAL gave us for PR I think we now have about $600. OBC again. Hey we do not drink, all of our excursions are paid for, so we might even get a small check when we leave the ship.

gdjoslin 12-08-2008 03:13 PM

Well an update. We do not get OBC.The issued a credit on our CC. I will take that too!!

penny3333 12-09-2008 06:36 AM

Congrats, Gary! I'd love for someone to give me a $600 credit on my credit card, all I can manage to do is charge! Princess sent me an email with $142 OBC for our fuel supplement. Works for me, I can spend that in the casino

gdjoslin 12-09-2008 06:47 AM

Penny all that we got back on the CC was the fuel charge. Our other credit is still OBC. We got some credit for prebooking a cruise while on board last time, some for PR because of the sewer not working, some or a promo that was going on when we booked. so we still have about $500. OBC.

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