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SanDee 11-13-2008 07:15 AM

We just returned from the Eurodam Nov 1-8. I do not see this ship listed in the reviews so will give a short review here. Let me start by saying I have never been on a bad cruise and this one was no exception but there were a few dissapointments.

There were four of us traveling. Myself, husband, sister, and brother-inlaw. We dropped off the rental car about 2 miles from the port. They were very slow and took about 45 minutes to turn the car in. Once on the shuttle we waited another 30 minutes or more for another couple to turn their car in. We arrived at the dock about 1pm. An hr later than we anticipated. The lines were long but moved fast so no complaints here. We dropped off our luggage and went to the Lido buffet for lunch. We did not see our room steward for the first 3 days. You never saw them in the halls working like on other ships. Our first day we called to tell them we only had one robe and the TV remote did not work. It took 3 calls and a note left for the steward to get this resolved on the 4th day. We were surprised when we returned the evening of the 1st night to find the only thing done were chocolates and the next days activity sheet on our bed. No fresh ice, trash not emptied and towels not changed. The next day we returned to our room after spending the morning at the pool to find our room not touched at 1pm. We called and were told that they clean the rooms once a day in the afternoon. Towels are changed once a day only and they prefer us to use them two days. Ice on request only. We paid more for this cruise but got less service than other ships. This was a major complaint to many passangers. One woman was at the Front Desk to complain that her sisters room next door had been cleaned and fresh ice left but her room was untouched. Not sure what they told her. My brother-in-law called for fresh ice once and it was brought to him 2 hrs later. The next time he called he was told "I am not on duty 24 hrs a day. I will show you where to get it yourself". That is what we did from now on.

We normally get a balcony or oceanview (sister booked a balcony guaranteed) but since this was our 3rd cruise this year we opted to try an inside guarenteed. Normally this works good for us but this time we got the worst room on the ship. We booked 7 months out and had room 5005. The very first room at the front of the ship. We felt and heard everything. I do not recommend this on this ship. The rooms are turned sideways which puts your bed literaly only 18" from the outside wall. My sister said she could stand outside and hear our conversations. Very hard to get the suitcases under the bed as the walls are so close to the bed on both sides. Many said they never unpacked because they did not have much drawer space or anywhere to put their suitcases. I explained to some that there are drawers under the bed with a cutout for the suitcases. Most including us would hit the drawers and assume it was solid. You have to get down on the floor to realize there are drawers.

This ship leaks! On numerous occasions we saw tables in the Lido buffet cordened off due to wet tables. One night while watching the show in the showroom it was raining on stage "alot". The comedian asked for an umbrella which they brought and several towels. The seats in the showroom are leather and the room had the aroma of leather.

I found the food in the Lido buffet the best I have had in a buffet on ship. They have a wonderful salad bar everyday which is self serve. All the entrees are served by staff and most was prepared right in front of you so hot and fresh. They had Mexican and Italian dishes everyday which I thought were very good. Wonderful pasta. They also offer specialty foods from a particular country each day. The pizza and burgers on the Lido deck were good but not as good as Carnival. They offer many juices at breakfast with fresh sqeezed orange juice. Drinkes are pre glassed. No plastic cups either. Just nice glasses. They have staff coming around for sodas, wine, coffee. The biggest downfall of the Lido Buffet is the design. I liked the decor very much but there are very narrow walkways and on embarkation and debarkation days this place is almost impossible to walk around. They have tables for two along the walkway and this is sit at your own risk due to everyone bumping into everyone and the tables. These tables should be removed.

We ate in the Diningroom only twice. We had anytime seating. Never made a reservation. Just showed up and we were seated immediately. The service was good but a little slow. The first night we ate in the Tamerind and it was wonderful. For $15.00 pp this should not be missed. I highly recommend the egg rolls and Korean BBQ ribs. We had also booked two nights at the Pinnacle Grill and also received a meal there compliments of of so 3 nights were spent in the Pinnacle and every night was wonderful. Funny, but we had the same table and the same wait staff all 3 nights. We called it, "our table" We ate at different times. No complaints though as our wait staff was a married couple from Romania who will be getting off the ship this week for a 2 month vacation. They were adorable and funny. Service and food could not have been better. For $20.00 pp I highly recommend this at least one night. Overall I have no complaints about food.

The pool area was not as good as I expected. The Lido deck is all enclosed with windows and a sliding roof. This made the whole deck feel closed in. I missed hearing the Calypso band each day. This ship has a band with a female singer that entertained at sailaway and at the Lido party. Other than that there was no other entertainment on the Lido deck which made for a very quite cruise. Good thing I brought my IPod. I like a little more action. Not too many staff members walking around with drinks of the day as on other ships. This ship is geared to an older crowd. Only saw maybe 15 children on this cruise and they were all around our cabin. I would say the average age is 60.

My biggest dissapointment was the photo dept. This is one area that we normally spend $300.00 on pictures. This time I spent $40.00. There is room for much improvement on this ship. My husband spoke to the owner one day and his wife is one of the photographers. Most pictures are taken only on formal nights except for the typical port pictures. On both nights the same 5 backgrounds were used and the same poses. My husband is a retired wedding photographer so we know something about this. Last year we ordered a 16X20 canvas of our daughter on the Carnival Valor for $69.99. They wanted $250.00 for the same thing. Instead of a 8 x 10 sheet for $20.00 they sell a sheet with an 8x10, 5X7 and 2 wallets for $40.00. I purhcased one and wanted to have more wallets made. They do not offer them. I asked about Christmas cards as I thought it would make a great card for this year. No, they do not offer that either. We have had them made before on our Nov cruises. I lost one of my media cards for my camera and wanted to buy one. The cheapest they had was $45.00 so I asked about getting a CD made so I could clear my other media card. They did not know, would ask, not sure price. It took two different attempts to get this done. I know Carnival has put in Kiosks for you to make prints, CDs, photobooks. That is nice. This ship does not have that. Also, this ship does not have ATMs like most. If you need cash you will have to find an ATM in port or you have to get it from your ship card at 3%.

The Crows Nest on deck 11 is really nice. Great views with a coffee bar and reg bar, internet cafe, library, lots of games, puzzles, books and comfortable chairs with awesome views. As for the cabanas I tried to book one a month before we sailed and they were all booked. I saw many empty ones while on the cruise so either people canceled them after seeing them or just did not use them everyday. I liked the Relaxation spa they had that included 3 wet saunas, heated lelaxation seats and a hydro pool but for $250.00 per couple or $150.00 pp for the week. I did not feel it was worth it. They said they no longer offered day passes. Also I usually get a massage on the ship but they did not provide us with prices in our rooms like normal. I had to go there to find out what they offered. I found their prices to be about 25-50% higher than on Carnival.

They ship has a movie theater called the Screening room. It is nice but too small. Only holds about 40 people. They showed The Drak Night one day and Mama Mia one day. Both you had to get there at least 30 to 45 minutes early to get a seat. Free popcorn was offered. I loved all the beautiful fresh flower arrangements throughout the ship. My husband enjoyed the free computer classes that were offered everyday.

At first we were dissapointed in many things but as time went on we enjoyed the ship more and more. I spent as much time as I could in the casino as that is my favorite place on any ship. I did see a woman win $17,000 on a slot machine on our last sea day. Must be nice! Though I did not win I only lost $75.00 for the entire 7 days so I have no complaints. Overall we had a great time and would do it all again. I do not think we will sail a new ship the first 6 months again. I will give them time to work out all the kinks.

penny3333 11-13-2008 08:46 AM

Welcome back SanDee, thank you so much for your great review. I'll bet if you cruised her again in 6 months, 90% of your problems would be nonexistent. There are always going to be kinks on a new ship. I'll bet she was a beauty, though. I'd really like to sail her, they have some good itineraries for next year, but I will probably wait a while. I know the Solstice will be relatively new, but by next December, the tweaks should have been accomplished. The newest ship we have sailed on was the Emerald, and she too, had a few glitches here and there. Nothing that spoiled the cruise, though. It sounds like the problems you encountered didn't ruin your experience, so that's great! If you get some time, please post some pictures. I know she has to have been an awesome ship. It is hard going from a balcony to an inside, really hard! How was the size of the inside?

Glad to hear the food was good. Did they have a lot of artwork? Did you enjoy your ports? If I could come away from a cruise with only losing $75.00 for 7 days, I would be ecstatic! I promise, I lose that walking through the casino entrance At least someone won on your cruise. Out of 23 cruises, I've only seen 1 person hit a good jackpot. The first night out on the Sea Princess, a gentleman hit $10,000 on the double diamond slots. He was smiling his whole cruise!

Sorry to hear it wasn't one of the more fantastic cruise experiences you've had, but very glad that you enjoyed your trip! Let us know what you select for your next adventure.

SanDee 11-13-2008 09:41 AM

Penny, Notice I said a "short" review. I really did intend to keep it to a paragraph or two. She is a beauty and she feels much bigger than she is. Another thing I was very surprised about was the condition of a few things. Mind you we spotted these within the first hr on board. On one of the decks they have the old style lounge chairs from way back when. Like the ones shown in the Titanic movie. The wooden slatted kind. I was surprised how weathered they looked. All had pretty much lost their finish in just a few months. They looked in need of refurbishing already. Also in the tamerind the chairs are done in a crushed yellow velour fabric and also looked like they needed reupholstering already. I loved the decor of the ship. More Contemporary and done in soft muted colors. The art was beautiful. Fresh flowers everywhere. She is a beauty! I will post pictures when I figure out how. I spent an hr organizing them last night and when I clicked "save" they would not save so I have to start all over. This time I think I will do a few at a time just in case. The inside is definitely smaller than the outside. Shorter and narrower.

penny3333 11-13-2008 10:00 AM

It has to be a nightmare for decorators to figure out the materials and colors that will withstand thousands of pounds, diverse weather conditions, sun, and chemicals. What might last a lifetime in a home, probably lasts a couple of years on a ship. It would be neat if those slatted lounges were from an old ship.

Shirley 254 11-16-2008 04:37 PM

Great review. Hopefully conditions will be better by Nov 29/08 as we are sailing on the Eurodam for and Eastern Caribbean trip. Four of us going, myself, my husband, our daughter and her best friend. The girls are 18 & 17. Sure hope there will be other teens on as well. But I am sure the girls will find lots to do. Looking forward to eating in Tamarind and the Pinnacle. We did get a sneek peek at her when she was in Halifax in October, absolutely gorgeous!! Anyone else out there going on this cruise? We love football and are looking forward to watching some in the Sports Bar on Sunday. Only a couple weeks left. Chat later...

penny3333 11-17-2008 07:56 AM

Hi Shirley 254, welcome to Cruise-Chat. If you'll look a little further down the main page, there is a Roll Call section. You can add yourself to the cruise if it's already there, or add your cruise if it's not, by hitting the reply button. I hope you have a fabulous time and I'm sure the girls will, too. Best wishes for fantastic weather, and once again, welcome aboard!

SanDee 11-17-2008 08:10 AM

Shirley, I have to be honest. I do not recall seeing one teenager on this ship. I saw a handful of children and they were all in cabins near us. One cabin was my sisters wakeup call as she heard the kids crying every morning about 7am. I found the kids club once by accident. No one was there and I was not sure if it was for teens or children as everything was put away. Nothing on the walls gave a clue as to who the room was for. I spotted a male and female staff member on two occasions with children. One day they had 8 children in the hallway and the next time was in the Lido buffet. They had 8 little girls at one table and 4 little boys at another.

We have cruised with grandchildren on two Carnival cruises and there was so much more going on. The teen club always had teens and you would see them in groups throughout the ship but this time I did not see any. The 18 yo would be too old for the teen club anyway as they are usually limited to 17 and younger and really enforce it. I am sure the girls will have fun hanging out at the pools, going to the movies and seeing the shows. They may also enjoy the crows nest. I believe it is on deck 11 with beautiful views. They can have fun putting puzzles together or playing scrabble. They can rent a DVD there for $3.00 as the rooms have DVD players. We brought our own and only watched one. Gee, maybe that is lame for teenagers. My husband and I enjoyed having a glass of wine and playing a game of scrabble with the awesome views around us and leaving our cares behind us. Do let us know your experiances when you return so it can help others.

If you have binnoculars bring them. The views sailing into Tortola are wonderful. All the islands around you. They will open the forward doors to the bow on deck 5 so that you can go out and watch the cruise in which is about 1 1/2 hrs. Say hello to our old room 5005 which will be the last room on the left forward.

SanDee 11-22-2008 05:36 PM

I have posted pictures of our cruise on Youtube but not sure how to put it here since we are not supposed to put websites. I can only say to type in Eurodam Cruise Nov 1-8' 2008 and that should pull it up.

Dave 11-22-2008 06:00 PM


No problem with putting links to YouTube here. Feel free to post the link to your cruise.

SanDee 11-23-2008 08:18 AM

Thanks Dave. Here it is

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