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Brooke 01-23-2008 05:51 PM

We are going to Alaska in June on the Amsterdam. Do we need to have passports?? This seems like a cruise mostly in the USA, except Canada, so we are not sure. Thank you.

Berick1234 01-23-2008 06:07 PM

This is according to the last info I could find on Google....

But a passport is a good thing to have....and will be necessary soon...

Happy Cruising...

Bob E

If you're a US citizen and planning to cruise to Alaska on a cruise that stops in Canada before summer 2008, you do not need a passport. You can also cruise to the Caribbean (except Barbados), Mexico and the Bahamas without a passport.

For any of the small ship cruises that sail only in Alaska, you do not need a passport.

The Department of Homeland security expects to announce the new date for requiring passports for all travel outside the US later this spring.

LisaP 01-24-2008 04:18 AM

Here's the official word from the U.S. Department of State.

So... as your ship is leaving from Seattle (not Vancouver), my advice is to stay tuned as far as passports are concerned. As you live close to the border, you might want to look into the Passport Card described on the same page.

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