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oreo 01-16-2008 02:36 PM

How do the casinos work, (for machines) by cash or by pre paid vouchers like in Las Vegas?

TrvlPro 01-16-2008 02:49 PM

At the tables of course you'll need chips and there will be a cashiers booth to buy them or you can use your key card with your CC programmed on the magnetic strip at the tables. There will be the familliar pit bosses to handle getting the transactions for you. The slots take cash and I believe (I don't play slots) there is a place to slide the same card. If not you can get cash from your card at the cashier.

Cheers, Neil

gdjoslin 01-16-2008 03:37 PM

Neil is correct, the slots take cash and card. When we were on the Zaandam last June it was also non smoking in the casino. We loved it as we are non smokers.

f-mattox 01-16-2008 04:14 PM

On Veendam in June there were two "smoke-free" nights in the casino. The rumor was the whole fleet was going to a no-smoking policy in the casino, but I don't know if this has gone into effect.

gpeters 01-17-2008 07:19 PM

If you are using your key card to get cash for the casino, your credit card company will treat the transaction as a cash advance and charge fees and interst according to the terms of your credit agreement. I usually bring a big wad of cash onto the ship to avoid this situation.

TrvlPro 01-18-2008 10:59 AM

good point gpeters, I don't like carrying a wad on vacation. I take a little cash and when I need chips (don't do slots) I just hand a pit boss my key card and ask for whatever I want. It goes on my tab that I settle at the end that way and no cash transaction fees. The final tab and statement always shows what I've recieved and they run it all togather as a charge from the cruiseline, no cash transactions. If I need more cash at a port I do exactly the same thing. Have them put it on your account. They'll check the balance available and hand you a charge slip to sign but they don't actually hit your card until the end.

Cheers, Neil

oreo 01-18-2008 03:32 PM

This is good and useful news!! Thanks guys

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