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mickeyd 04-12-2011 11:32 AM

Mariner Status
Our recent cruise was our second so we were considered part of the "Mariner Club". Our benefits seemed to be 2 "HAL Tiles" and a nice brunch in the dining room near the end of the cruise. We had free wine at the brunch~ two glasses if you were alert enough to get their attention at the right time.

We were chatting with a couple who were on their 40th HAL cruise (yes 40th) and he made the comment that the only additional benefit that he saw in what they got vs. what we got was that they had free laundry service.

Not sure what to do with the HAL tiles, suppose they can be used as coaster on the back deck or patio at home.

susanmaz 04-12-2011 12:21 PM

Mickeyd - congrats on your Mariner status. We've received 8 tiles so far - some are being used as coasters, some were given as "vacation souvenirs". If you check out the HAL blog site, you'll see where on Mariner's daughter made a side table with his tiles, another couple decorated their kitchen back splash with theirs. . . If one is crafty (which we are not), I'm sure one could come up with lots of different ways to decorate with the tiles... Imagine - on one cruise, there was a man being recognized for 900+ days sailing HAL. On the current Grand World cruise on the Amsterdam - they had over 700 Mariners for the recognition luncheon - they had to do the lunch in two sessions... There seems to be something about HAL cruisers... We're planning number 6 for next year.

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