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Dave 06-15-2011 02:18 PM

HAL to ban stateroom smoking!
All of Carnival's brands seem to be rolling out new smoking restrictions today. Holland America just announce there new policy. Read here.

RichC 06-18-2011 06:09 AM

I'm convinced that more & more smokers will be migrating to HAL from Princess after this year. With the two cruise lines being very similar the change is almost transparent unless you're a Elite with Princess & don't have many cruises with HAL. Could it have been that HAL was expecting the extra business because of the balcony smoking difference?

Berick1234 06-18-2011 07:38 PM

I think is this a GREAT idea:-)..

Happy Anniversary Dave.....Hoping the Allure as is grand as the Oasis....

Bob E

wooddon 06-22-2011 07:51 PM

Great news about smoking. There should be no smoking allow on a ship at all!!! It's just too dangerous. We only stay at the Marriott hotels now because they have a complete no smoking policy in place.

penny3333 06-23-2011 07:50 AM

RichC, you might have hit on something. However, eventually, I would imagine smoking on balconies will be banned on all ships. Like I said, it will save me money. I'll no longer have to book a balcony.

alexandra cruiser 06-24-2011 07:41 AM

Think thats a great idea,,too,,and hope they extend
policy to ALL HAL operated ships,,,like luxury brands,,think Seabourn,,or Siversea,,,under that brand,,right???No need to smoke on cabins OR balcony,,,go to designated area,,,IF you have to smoke,,save rest of ship of majority who DO NOT SMOKE>..PS..I know this is a HOT topic...but important....

Nadine 06-24-2011 09:09 AM

I know this can be a sensitive subject, but I personally hope they enforce the bans they are putting in place. On a recent Celebrity cruise, a man whose cabin was one deck above ours and about 6 cabins forward chose to smoke cigars on his balcony. The smoke wafted right back to us. Yuck! Obviously he chose to ignore the non-smoking policy on the balconies.

Sitting on our balcony, enjoying the beauty of the ocean, and breathing the clean fresh air is what makes balconies worth the extra money for us. Since my husband is allergic to tobacco smoke, we couldn't be on the balcony when the cigar smoker was out there.

Everyone has their own opinion on this, depending on their smoking preference! I can see both sides, but for us, we appreciate the smoke-free policy.


penny3333 06-24-2011 09:23 AM

I'm surprised Nadine. On the Solstice, one of the ladies tried to smoke on her balcony and was fined $250. She was told if she did it again, she would be put off the ship.

Nadine 06-24-2011 05:24 PM

Penny, it sounds to me like the crew on the Solstice was on top of the problem. Or maybe someone reported her. Either way, if they are going to have the rules, they should be enforcing them.

I feel bad that this affects you so much differently that it affects us. Hopefully there are enough places on the ship for smokers so that you can enjoy a balcony for it's beauty and still have places on the ship where you are allowed to smoke.


Berick1234 07-15-2011 03:32 PM

Please get the smoke out of the Casino too:-)....

Total ban would be NICE:-)....

Bob E

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