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JC 49 11-17-2009 06:38 PM

Just returned from the Ryndam 7 day cruise R/T from Tampa, we highly recommend this ship and crew and Holland, what a EXCELLENT cruise and service we enjoyed. The first day plus was rough because of Ida, and I felt for the people that was affected by the storm, but we can't control that. The rest of the cruise was great. Not really crazy about some of the ships itinerary, different places to see that we've not seen before, but there's some great things to do at both ports,we were very happy to walk around the port areas @ these ports. ANYTHING AWAY FROM HOME AND WORK IS A GREEEEAAAAAATTTTTTT VACA!!! Holland seems to cater to all.I have been on about 30 cruises through the the years and by far this is one of the BEST,except for the weather the first day plus. Everything after that we thought was fantastic!!!!! We could not believe the service from ALL crew members from the sweepers to the cabin stewards. Everything was great!!
Also on this cruise we thought the food was the best, from presentation,taste,service and variety, on the Lido Deck for morning and lunch they had two of the best short order cooks in the industry, thanks to Albert and Eldrige.
I've rambled a bit too much now, I've got to get the rest of my notes to write a review,maybe, I wrote one on the Carnival Miracle in 08 that was not put on line, so since then I'm a bit leery about doing that again, in all I hope everyone gets some needed info for a future cruise and will reply if needed.

LisaP 11-18-2009 04:47 AM

Welcome home! Ramble away... I loved Ryndam, also, when we were onboard in 2008 on a different itinerary. I'm a big fan of HAL and agree that the service is a very strong suit. Did you try Pinnacle Grill for either lunch or dinner? And how about the bread pudding at the Lido? (Now I'm rambling.)

penny3333 11-18-2009 07:26 AM

Welcome home JC49 Glad to hear you cruise went so very well! Sorry about Ida, she sure caused some huge problems for a lot of ships. Sounds like the food has gotten better since the last time I sailed on HAL. Of course, that was in '93, so things can always change. But the service was amazing! They have some great offers with air fare included for next spring, now if I could only hit the lottery, I'd be all set!

I can't wait to read your review. I know they have been working very hard to get the review site more up to date and easier to use. Now that Dave is an editor, he might have better access to the site. We need to update our list of ships and need more current reviews, for sure!

Hope you're planning another cruise, soon. It helps ease the debarkation blues. Best wishes!

JC 49 11-19-2009 06:14 AM

Lisa & Penny,yes we loved the Ryndam also, did not do the Pinnacle Grill this cruise because we had a group on board and ate with them. We ate at the Pinnacle last year on the Westerdam and loved it. We did hear one complaint about it and when I asked what they ate it was sea food, said it was good but not special. Personally I don't go to a steak house and eat sea food, oh well. Yes the bread pudding was great.

As for another cruise, probably in the spring, we like to take at least two a year if possible. For sure one will be on HAL maybe both, I think there will be some great deals coming from all lines, the only bad thing is air fare. We already put our $100.pp for a down payment with Hal for our next cruise. This is our down payment with nothing more to pay until final payment, also up to $100.pp shipboard credit depending on length of cruise, and you have up to 4 years to use it.

Till next time Ciao

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