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elliemay 04-06-2009 09:08 AM

Good morning! I am planning on April 2010 Sail from Lima to Seattle on Rotterdam. My 80 year old mother is also with me. She is in very good health. Will the Holland America 2 nite/3 day trip be to much for her? Will be interestes in any thoughts thanks

Novice Senior 04-06-2009 10:18 AM

We're young seniors and spent a week pre cruise visit to Peru.

We had prescribed altitude sickness pills and drank gallons of their cocoa tea, and still, though in excellent health, huffed and puffed all around Cusco and Machu Picchu.

But it was well WORTH every single huff and puff. We were there in January two years ago and much to our surprise was hot and sunny the day we spent at Machu Picchu even though there had been snowy sleet in the early morning in Cusco.

We were not part of a luxury ship tour which tend to be more sedate.

We boarded the Celebrity in Chile and from there sailed around the Horn.

penny3333 04-06-2009 10:43 AM

Hi elliemay, welcome to Cruise-Chat. On the excursion, they should have it rated as far as the activity level, easy, moderate, extreme. Has you mom ever been at high altitudes for an extended period of time? Does she have any problems with her repiratory system? I'd ask her doctor, if it were me. Best wishes for a fantastic cruise, and once again, welcome aboard!

Lil' Lori 04-07-2009 01:20 PM

August of 2006, my husband and I hiked the 3 day Inca Trail. Our guide had a portable oxygen tank with him. Luckily, none of us needed it. I would definately ask the excursion desk at Holland America, about that. Although, I would assume the guide would have portable oxygen with them, but sometimes it is not safe to assume. I only noticed the high altitude bothering me when we hiked from 10,000 to over 13,000 feet in a day. Still no one needed the oxygen. Anyways, be careful with the prescribed altitude pills, usually Diamox, which is a diuretic (water pill). If she takes high blood pressure pills, combined with a diuretic, it could drop her BP too low. Make sure she discusses this with her MD. I loved Cusco, it was wonderful. I would definately invest in travel insurance with emergency evacuation. Good luck, Lil' Lori

elliemay 04-08-2009 08:38 AM

Thanks all for your tips. My mother and I have sailed with Holland America many times. Last being last Sept Seattle to Auckland(South Pacific). We are always happy with them but have noticed that the shore excursion staff never seem to know about much about the actual excursion(for example in Pago-Pago last year we asked if both beach tours had some shade available no one could answer). So I really want to thank all that reply.

penny3333 04-08-2009 09:40 AM

The excursions are not run by Holland America, they are run by companies that are contracted through Holland America. Many times the crew/staff will take the excursions to familiarize themselves with the excursions offered, however, not always so they may not know the answers to your questions. The cruise lines will check out the vendors and the excursions, but not necessarily someone on your particular ship. It is always good to ask your guide any questions you might have before leaving. However, I still think you ought to check with your mom's doctor.

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