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GREGGS007 09-01-2008 01:17 AM

Holland America should either completely gut this ship and redo it or get rid of it..I would never recommend this ship to anyone..Its tired, way to many colored carpeting not flowing, little pockets of nothing and this million dollar art they say is on it, Im scratching my head, HAL said they spent 5 million in upgrades..I beg to differ..this new art looked like framed placemats, I didnt see any newer looking upgrades it looked very late 80's early nineties..Big major disappointment..Staff on this ship never smiled miserable crew..the food was not the best..If I could have gotten my money back I would..I would take the old Pacific Princess over this ship hands down, even the Arcadia from the 70's puts this ship to shame..

mrpw 11-14-2008 05:01 PM

I was browsing the topics, and came across this ne. I was just on the Statendam and found it to be in very nice condition. The public rooms look great and our cabin was clean and comfortable. I liked the smaller size of this ship and the pools were very great. The crew with the exception of the captain ( not at all sociable) was wonderful, friendly and helpful. I would not hesitate recommending the Statendam.

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