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Dave 12-31-2008 11:30 AM

Here is my wish for a healthy and prosperous new year for all our forum members and friends. It's GOT to better!

susanmaz 12-31-2008 11:53 AM

Same back atcha Dave! I always look forward to the end of the year and the beginning of the next new one - - - new beginnings and all that. We've decided that we are going to hunker-down and save until we cruise in November. We'll see how that goes ~ ~ Blessings and felicitations to all on Cruise-Chat. Forward into 2009.

sparks1093 12-31-2008 03:08 PM

May all your cruises be long and your time between cruises short! HNY!

Lil' Lori 12-31-2008 03:22 PM

Happy New Year to everyone. Blessings to all. As you can see we are starting the new year off right. We leave Sunday for our trip. I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. Lil' Lori

Dave 12-31-2008 03:36 PM


Will you be there for Tet?

jack2007 12-31-2008 04:38 PM

About 30 mins ago we just celebrated the beginning of 2009 in the UK
Best wishes for a bright & happy new year

Lil' Lori 12-31-2008 04:41 PM

Dave-no, we won't be there for Tet. Dennis, my husband starts the college semester the week we get home. I sure will be happy when he gets out of college, so we can travel whenever we like. Lil' Lori

Dave 12-31-2008 04:44 PM


Even though we are a cruise forum, I still would like to hear a report on your trip to Vietnam and Hong Kong. Especially about the food. Lots of good eating in those two nations.

Dave 12-31-2008 04:45 PM

Best wishes Jack! The New Year timeline is sweeping across the Atlantic towards us.

Lil' Lori 12-31-2008 04:55 PM

Dave- ok...I'll post it on the "Lido Deck", as my review. In Hong Kong we are doing that alone, in Vietnam we are doing a small tour group. We are going to where my dad was in Vietnam, in Bong Son. Our trip has really helped my dad start to heal his bitterness over the war. He is so bitter, I was even afraid to tell him we were going there. I have learned more about my dad's war experiences these past few months, than I have my whole life, and I am 42. He is hopefully on the road to dealing with his war issues. I am hoping that 2009, will be the start of my dad healing himself, and our family. Lil' Lori

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