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Dwayne 12-18-2009 05:13 PM

Wow! What a mess going up the Eastern US. Wind, rain, and cold here all day. The states Up north from me are getting hammered with snow!


f-mattox 12-18-2009 05:20 PM

Ain't that global warming somthin'!

Dave 12-18-2009 05:29 PM

We got another round of heavy rain this morning as the system passed to our south on it's trek up the coast. I just recovered from a power outage of around 20 minutes. Not sure if it was weather related or what.

I do not miss living in NY. Snow has no magical hold on me. If I don't have to shovel it or drive in it, I am happy. I am happy with the dull southern winters where we have a couple of dustings of snow and otherwise gray skies and temperatures usually in the 40's. It usually only lasts a couple months and we start warming up again.

MCPayne 12-18-2009 06:19 PM

Yeah, all of us here in the mid-atlantic will be shoveling come Sunday. Where I live (Central NJ, Princeton area), they're expecting 6-12 inches of snow, maybe even more.

My parents had planned to go to a Broadway play tomorrow, but are staying home. Unfortunately that is money lost since ticket sales for plays are "no refunds, no exchanges."

Dwayne 12-18-2009 07:08 PM

That is a lot of snow being dumped! I think I am too southerly acclimated now to be in much snow. I don't miss living in Southwest Virginia all that much now. I get cold when it is in the 40's now!


peter l 12-19-2009 11:36 AM

We in upper New England may be spared from this one as it may treck out to sea just south of MA and we may only end up with a dusting to 2 inches. Last Sunday we were predicted to get a dusting and ended up with almost 4 inches. Its on the ground and here to stay now.


Sandy 12-19-2009 12:30 PM

We're getting slammed here in the Washington, DC area. There are about 16 inches on the ground already in the Metro area, with predictions in the 20-24" range. Luckily, it's a weekend, with fewer cars on the road, so crews (such as they are) can clear the roads more easily. That is, if it ever stops snowing.

In a town where an inch of snow usually paralyzes the city and challenges the infrastructure, we're hoping for the best. Even the above-ground train stations have been closed, along with the local bus system. It's a mess.

LisaP 12-19-2009 12:47 PM

Peter, you must be just to the north of us. We've had no snow this year, other than a dusting a couple of weeks ago. It was originally predicted that we'd get 1"-3" from tomorrow's storm, and it has since been upped to 10"-12". I don't mind as I love snow, yet because I've lived with it so often, I know how dangerous it can be. Please be careful, everyone, especially when shoveling. It can be a lot heavier than it looks.

MCPayne 12-19-2009 05:41 PM

The latest forecast for the Princeton, NJ area where I am is 12" - 18". We'll probably shovel tomorrow morning, then go out to look for a Christmas tree now that my sister is home for winter break from college. They just came and plowed the street, which will probably be one of many times, as the worst of it is supposed to come overnight for us.

As of now there's about 6 inches or so on the ground.

Dwayne 12-19-2009 09:00 PM

Lisa makes a very good point about shoveling snow. While I haven't lived where it snows much in a long time, I remember it well. Just be careful everyone in dealing with this. A thrown out back, a slip and fall, or worse is no way to spend the Holidays. I hope everyone's power stays on.


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