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Dwayne 12-13-2009 09:49 AM

Thank goodness for Computer Geeks!

I had tried on and off all week to get my game pad to work on a Nintendo emulator. It worked fine on my now dead XP machine. Every thing I read didn't work on Vista, then I finally found this.

Now if I can just get my Canon Scanner to work on Vista.


gdjoslin 12-16-2009 06:32 PM

It is amazing all the self help stuff you can find on Youtube!!.
We lost two printers and one webcam when we switched to Vista. We gave them to our local school, had to get new stuff.

f-mattox 12-16-2009 09:49 PM

That's why I'm sticking with Vista even though I've heard Windows 7 is better; I've tamed the beast--right now everything works.

(probably shouldn't have said that)

Dwayne 12-16-2009 10:17 PM

I'm slowly getting the beast tamed too.

I lost my scanner, printers, and all my game emulators. Not that I play games all that often, it just got on my nerves they wouldn't work with Vista.

I had to search for a long while for the correct driver for one of my printers.


f-mattox 12-16-2009 10:43 PM

That's what really annoys me, Dwayne; the solutions to all these incompatibility problems are out there, but it takes tons of time, money and know-how to pull it all together. It's easier to just get all new stuff every five years or so. But they know that, don't they!!

gdjoslin 12-16-2009 10:49 PM

What printer are you looking for drivers?

Dave 12-17-2009 07:04 AM

Mac OS X always worked fine for me after upgrades. You plugged things in and they suddenly worked. But now even Apple has joined the ranks when they brought out the last upgrade "Snow Leopard". Lots of problems with printers and software. My Canon MP760 multifunction still has periodic scanning problems, even though I've installed new drivers (Mac people used to not have to install drivers). Lots of manufacturers were caught flatflooted.

Jim C. 12-17-2009 08:30 AM

Well I swore I would never leave XP.. but I bought a new computer after Thanksgiving because I couldn't pass up the deal. It came loaded with Windows 7.. My youngest daughter's computer came with Vista and I swear to myself every time I touch the Vista machine because of the problems Dwayne and Gary mention. (something is always broken or is not compatible) I dreaded firing up the Win 7 machine but it has been an absolute dream. It ported EVERYTHING to from the old machine to the new one without an issue (I had to manually reinstall the programs but it transferred all the setting for them and told me which programs needed to be reinstalled. So far I have not found one issue with my Windows 7 box (and I am a computer geek) ... so to say I am happily surprised would be an understatement.

Dwayne 12-17-2009 12:09 PM


What printer are you looking for drivers?
Thanks Gary, I finally found it. It was a Lexmark Z705. I haven't found the one for the Cannon Scanner FB620U yet. It is old, but I hate to junk it. I may look some more tonight.

Jim, thanks for the report about Windows 7! I wish I would've waited a few months before I bought the laptop. Then I replaced my XP Desk Top (hardware failure) with a refurb that came with Vista. It has taken a while to get things working with it. I hope Santa brings me a Windows 7 Family Pack.

Rick, Yep, they know what they are doing it seems.

Dave, your Canon did a great job with the Oasis Cruise Compasses.


gdjoslin 12-17-2009 05:02 PM

Dwayne, I asked a couple of geeks, I think you might be out of luck, but you already know that.

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