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Nadine 01-24-2014 08:36 AM

Polar Vortex in Illinois
We built our house in 1978. For the first time in all those years we have frozen pipes. Our blow dryers have been working overtime. Right now, the wind chill is -17. Yuck!

The bad news is: it's supposed to be colder next week.
The good news is: January is almost over. Hopefully, February will be kinder.


Dave 01-24-2014 02:10 PM

I saw something this morning about the first part of February being warmer than usual. It was 5 degrees here this morning. We get a two day break in the cold over the weekend and then the third round strikes again, and it may be coldest of all three waves that have hit this month.

Nadine 01-24-2014 05:01 PM

I'm not too familiar with Alabama weather, but I would think 5 degrees would be unusual. Anyway, I feel your pain.

I can handle "warmer than usual" in February!


wooddon 01-24-2014 07:30 PM

It's -30C in Brampton. We do not mind it that much as this is WINTER!!! I was raise on a farm in the 1960's and this weather was normal back then and we just had a wood stove in the farm house!!!! I used to wake up with ice on my blanket in bed.

peter l 01-25-2014 05:39 AM

We leave for FL for a month in approx 32 days (but who is counting) and can't wait to get to a place where we can hopefully warm up all over. This winter has been unusual with early cold, plenty of snow, and freezing rain that had many celebrate the holidays in total darkness with little or no heat...Anything at or above freezing, without severe windchills, would be a welcome..The one thing here in the NE is that the sun is setting later each day and we have more LIGHT ! BRRRRRRRRRRRR !!


Nadine 01-27-2014 07:40 AM

Peter, you definitely had a rough winter, too, with the power outages and all.

I saw on TV that the temperature today in Barrow, Alaska will be +20. It might get to zero here in central Illinois. Since Barrow is the northernmost city in Alaska, this is definitely not fair! That jet stream is very confused.


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