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Sherif 04-19-2007 01:54 AM

First time in, first time cruiser, and first time to Hawaii!
I did my homework, select the cruise, the line, the ship, and even the shore excrusions, so, what we need now is to book our cruise, where?
Many advice to book online via Expedia, as they offer a huge discount, so, I contacted the cruise center staff; unfortunately, they refuse to book our cruise,: "regret that you will
not be able to book your trip with Due to contractual
agreements with the cruise lines, reservations outside of the U.S. are
not permissible" !!!! after that we tried to book via our own local travel agent; we were shocked, as, they offer us nearly the double of what we have if we book via expedia!
Could we have other alternative, in order, to save our vacation; what about booking direct through NCL, no e mail was found in their website, tried to contact their cruise consultant, but it will cost a huge sum of money; international call +++; and still need a fax or e mail in order, to process the booking details, documents, and credit card payment.

All suggestions and tips are highly appreciated.

Richard & Mary 04-19-2007 09:19 PM

You can shop around for bottom line price or just make a simple call to NCL direct. They will handle it all and can match prices. On-line websites may be confusing of who includes port charges and taxes etc. NCL does have US phone numbers as they have offices in Miami and Phoenix.


Try as we have used them and had a great response in the past.

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