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Paul & Darryl 07-11-2006 08:06 AM

Hi All:

All should be set now hopefully and I should be booking this week after final vacation clearance from my boss for 9/30/06 on the Spirit. (I hope I'm going, otherwise I'll have to amend my little cruisemag countdown timer).

Anyway, I've been told various things by folks that have traveled other lines about alcohol in bottles but here's my question about NCL specifically.

Can you get room service to bring you a whole bottle of something for consumption onboard? I know they don't allow you to bring your own and I am not the type of person that would hide liquor under the guise of Listerine like many have suggested.

Has anyone ever ordered a bottle before? There will be three of us, we all like Gin & Tonic and thought it'd be a great thing to not have to pay for every drink. Plus, I like mixing my own! Im quite sure wed hardly touch the whole bottle but still figured itd be more cost-effective this way.

I wonder if there is any hope of getting Bombay Sapphire.

Thanks for your help!

ChucksOK 07-11-2006 09:00 AM


I wonder if there is any hope of getting Bombay Sapphire.
My drink of choice! You should be able to order "room service" cocktails but as far as a bottle is concerned, you are probably out of luck. Holland America offers a "package" for one's cabin consumption with a .75ml bottle (not Bombay Sapphire) and tonic. I've asked my partner (who is a TA) to investigate NCL - he has some clients booked for Hawaii. I'll post more if I can find out.

If all else fails, do what the rest of us do when we sail on any these ships with their new "rules" - SMUGGLE! It's not as if we're NOT going to drink outside the cabin! Those drinks in the cabin are just to "prime the pump"!

Paul & Darryl 07-12-2006 09:47 AM

Thanks for your comments Chuck!

I just feel kind of strange about the "smuggling".

The position I hold in my job is the type that holds me to a high level of integrity (which is intrinsic to me anyway) and I don't feel comfortable with it. Bottom line, I know they have this "rule" just so they can sell more onboard, but I can just opt out and not drink.

Paul doesn't see it that way though, he wants to party

We'll have to talk it over and see what we come up with.

In the mean time if your partner can come up with any info please do pass it on.

Thanks again!

Jim C. 07-12-2006 02:38 PM

They let you bring Wine on board and will charge you a "corkage fee" to use it in the dinning room.. They should let you bring your gin on board and charge a similar fee in my book. There is either some legal reason they don't or they just have not considered this avenue. Maybe they figure that there are not enough people willing to pay extra to be able to make their own cocktails in there cabins?

Of course, I'm not normally in the cabin long enough to worry about not having a drink. And there is certainly no shortages of opportunities to find a drink outside of your cabin... But I understand the desire.

ChucksOK 07-13-2006 10:13 AM

Just got this in my email from Regent Seven Seas - we've sailed the Paul Gauguin and loved it:

If you've ever seen Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific, you've probably dreamed about visiting the vaunted islands of French Polynesia. Both of the special departures presented here also call our private Motu Mahana off the coast of Taha'a, spell-binding Bora Bora, and hauntingly beautiful Moorea. Discover dazzling natural beauty, ancient cultures and the balmy spirit of the South Pacific on Regent Seven Seas' 14-night cruises. The first and last stops on your epic journey are the magical Society Islands. Journey through the Old South Seas, visiting volcanic islands, coral atolls, and jewel-like archipelagos on these very special departures.

Sail September 23, 2006. 14 nights. Cook Islands, Society Islands, Tuamotus & Australs

Limited Capacity Offer- SAVE up to $1,400 per person compared to the full brochure rate!
To earn "Limited Capacity" cruise savings, you must book by AUGUST 31st.

OF SPECIAL NOTE: September is humpback whale migration season here. The whales travel north from Antarctica to calve in the calm waters of the South Pacific, away from their natural predators. We've timed our September 23 voyage here so that guests of Paul Gauguin may witness this annual phenomenon.

Paul Gauguin distinctions include:
~ 330-guest ocean-view accommodations (more than 50% with private balconies)
~ Two open-seating restaurants plus the Pool Grill
~ Award-winning Carita Spa of Paris
<span class="ev_code_RED">~ Complimentary fine wine with dinner
~ Complimentary soft drinks, juices and bottled water
~ In-suite bar set-up with complimentary liquor upon embarkation </span>
~ Retractable watersports marina
~ Complimentary Tahitian-style events
~ Shipboard gratuities included

Zeenichka 07-26-2006 03:56 PM

We ordered a bar set-up for us and our friends. We requested Absolute Vodka for us and Bombay Gin for our friends. The cost was $43 dollars for each bottle. All we did then was call room service and ask for martini glasses and some olives (or twist) to make our drinks.
It was very convenient!!!

ChucksOK 07-27-2006 08:53 AM


Originally posted by Zeenichka:
We ordered a bar set-up for us and our friends. We requested Absolute Vodka for us and Bombay Gin for our friends. The cost was $43 dollars for each bottle. All we did then was call room service and ask for martini glasses and some olives (or twist) to make our drinks.
It was very convenient!!!
Thanks for the feedback! That's good to know and I will pass it along.

Parker1 07-31-2006 01:31 PM

When you call NCL to request a bar set-up, you have to ask to speak with the ship coordinator for your particular ship. Bar set-ups can't be ordered through customer service. NCL says 2 weeks notice is required, but we did in a week before our August 6th sailing on the Star without a problem.

Nette 08-04-2006 07:18 PM

I ordered for August 13th cruise. Bacardi $40, Tanqueray $55 !!! By my calculations a 300% markup! I really understand the need to charge more, but really. Each can of coke or tonic is $2.00.

ChucksOK 08-07-2006 08:58 AM

Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me the usual formula for bars (in general) and the rule of thumb is to expect 24 shots per bottle. Bombay at $43 / 24 = $1.79 per shot. The Barcardi at $40 = $1.67. Don't know why they are charging more for the Tanqueray when Bombay is far superior, but, Tanq at $55 = $2.29. To this, one needs to add the "mix". At $2 per container (good for 2 drinks) that's $1 added to whatever (e.g. rum and coke, gin and tonic). In most cases, still cheaper than the bars on board. BUT, is the object to drink more cheaply or to have a drink in one's cabin whenever it suits the mood without waiting for room service. Personally, I think you should feel happy you have the opportunity (as opposed to other cruise lines).

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