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Newlywed08 12-14-2008 07:21 PM

Help!! We are trying to pack for our cruise and don't have a clue what the weather is like in South America this time of year. I know it's summer and I know what I've read online, but has anyone been to this region during this time frame (december/january)? Does it even get cold enough for a jacket? Is it typically rainy? Any help would be appreciated.


LisaP 12-14-2008 09:14 PM

If I'm doing this correctly, your itinerary has you in the following ports on the following dates:

12/21 Santiago (Valparaiso)
12/23 Puerto Montt
12/24 Puerto Chacabuco
12/27 Punta Arenas
12/28 Ushuaia
12/30 Stanley
1/1 Puerto Madryn
1/3 Montevideo
1/4 Buenos Aires

According to The Weather Channel (, the forecast for Santiago on Sunday 12/21 will be sunny, high 85F/low 56F.

Puerto Montt on 12/23 has a 40% chance of showers, high 62F/low 50F.

As I can't get forecasts for more than 10 days out, the rest are average high and low temperatures for some of the rest of your ports:
Punta Arenas: avg high/low=56F/43F
Ushuaia: 56F/40F
Montevideo: 83F/62F
Buenos Aires: 83F/68F

Others who have been there can advise on proper attire, etc. I've found that layers are often the way to go, especially as it cuts down on the packing. Expect it to be cool in the Chilean Fjords, around the Cape, and in the Falklands.

DrStevo 12-14-2008 10:59 PM

We will be on your cruise. It will be hot at the beginning and at the end. It can be quite cold AND windy down south... So, have a good water-resistant windbreaker, lighter jacket and sweater, with warm pants, hat and gloves for those excursions on or near the water--Layering is the key; if it warms up, take off layers as needed. In Santiago and Buenos Aires it will be very hot. Shorts, tee-shirt and sandals, or light dresses during the day... comfortable shoes! Light-weight dressier clothes at night, but no fancy jewelry or cameras. Stay alert and have fun!

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