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Newbie07 10-11-2007 05:18 PM

On a budget, we do not drink and only booked one excursion (66 dollars), and are only going to eat in one restaurant (Cagney's) $50.

What can we expect to get away with if not drinking or eating in any of the specialty restaurants except mentioned above.

What is the cheapest we could get away with?


Richard & Mary 10-11-2007 08:37 PM

What ship will you be on?

Nothing wrong with being on a budget, and you don"t need big bucks to enjoy a cruise. After 17 plus cruises we have learned a lot. There is alot you can waste money on.

Me and my DP do not drink very much. We do take a quality box of wine with us in our suitcase, and never have had any problems. We have our favorite and priced at about $20.00 per box it will last a good week. We like to attend the Martini clinics or Margarita Clinics on board which is always a great value, ($10 to $15) person and a fun time.

On a 7 day cruise, we usually take in a least two specialty restaurants. Depending on the NCL ship that you will sail, there will be a lot of choices for great dining at no cost. Cagneys is $20.00 per person. Oriental restaurants usually $10.00 person.

We don't take ship excursions any more. Don't want to be on crowded buses and don't want to spend lots of time traveling on a bus to see something for an hour. We get off the ship, and find our own shore excursion. You will find many offers by local people who offer tours. We usually do a private tour with another couple that we meet on the ship. On our 9 day So Carribean cruise we meet another couple and shared a van to take us around the islands that regular tourists don't see, it was great. We spent about $20.00 per person for a 4-5 hour tour.

Since we don't drink alot, we use the buffets for beverages, and there is always coffee, hot tea, iced tea always available at no cost.

If we are celebrating a special occasion we might have a photo taken, otherwise we never buy the photos, we just have fun looking at the photos the ship photographers have taken.

Our typical weekly bill at the end of the cruise is about $100.00 to $150.00 per person of which $70.00 is grautities for a NCL 7 day cruise. So perhaps we spend another $30.00 to $70.00 bucks on ship.

When we get into port, we always bring back our own sodas that were purchased in plastic bottles, usually 16 or 20 oz Coke or Pepsi. There is never a problem bringing soda back on ship. We use the internet cafes in ports for very low costs, usually $3.00 for 15 to 20 minutes to answer or send emails. The ships internet can run as high as .75 cents per minute to as low as .25 cents per minute. A 100 minute plan on board is $25.00.

We always book the cruise via the internet or thru a our travel agent who usually finds a great deal. We have not booked thru NCL direct in a long time. We shop for deals and they are out there. We book our flights, and provide plenty of time for arrival to the ship. We book our own transport from airports to ships and back.

All this adds up to lots of savings. Experience helps and you will learn quickly how to save and how to waste money.

Follow some of these tips and you can save lots of money.

Richard & Mary
Las Cruces, New Mexico USA
NCL Platinum Latitudes

Berick1234 10-12-2007 04:53 AM

On our last 6 cruises, our liquor bill has been Zero....and we eat mostly in the main dining rooms...We don't book excursion much because we've seen every just about everything there is to see in the Caribbean...We just enjoy walking around the towns or just staying on a nice quiet ship...but then again, if my wife spots a nice piece of jewelry...well all bets are off, and I do have a passion for Mayan Ruins...spend as much or as little as you want, nobody is keeping score...Just enjoy your cruise...

Bob E

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