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runawayparent 12-10-2008 04:40 PM

For those of you that have cruised on several lines, how does NCL compare as far as percentage of kids on ships? The last Carnival cruise we took was literally almost more kids than adults. Have you noticed any trends in passenger demographics on NCL?

LHT28 12-10-2008 08:14 PM

We did 1 NCL cruise but it was early March so we did have greater % of college kids onboard as well as younger kids.

But I think because the cruises are cheaper in price you will get a high percentage of children. JMO

Berick1234 12-10-2008 08:31 PM

I would say it depends on when you go....Most of our cruises on NCL are in January, and very few kids on board......a handful of teens and a few little ones and that's it....You might have a problem with all of us OLDER people on board...A cruise is what you make out of it....
Happy Sailing...

Bob e

Richard & Mary 12-10-2008 09:28 PM

Berick1234 is correct, it depends on the time of the year, and holiday season that dictates the amount of kids/children on NCL or any other cruise line. It would be extremely difficult to calculate an adults/kids ratio unless you had passenger data prior to each cruise. You would also have to secure the data of past cruises over a specified period of time.

I can tell you this. We sailed the NCL Star from Nov 10th to the 18th. On our cruise, there were 2100 passengers of which 1900 or so were adults while the remainder were children. On the following sailing which covered the Thanksgiving holiday we were told the ship was preparing for 2900 passengers that included 700+ children or kids. The cruise line and staff carefully checks the data up to 2 weeks prior to sailing and they know the exact amount of kids that will be on any one ship. They know the true adult/kids ratio, but the average passenger would not. On our latest cruise, we had private dinners with the Hotel Manager one night and the Food & Beverage Manager another night. During those dinners we learned alot on how the executive staff manages rooms, food, beverage requirements and procurement of food items.

So in essence, it would be widely expected to see higher kid counts on holiday cruises and summer time cruises. If you want to avoid a high kids to adult ratio, I would plan a cruise when kids are generally in school.

However, in most cases, the cruise line companies have well planned kids/teen programs and generally as an adult cruiser, you may not see the kids as often as you would suspect.

Personally, I would not deter any cruise from the fear that there may be too many kids on board. The ships are large and there is designated areas for the kids/teen programs, usually far away from any adult activites.

Book your cruise and ENJOY.

For us, it's the only way to vacation, kids or no kids on board.

LisaP 12-12-2008 04:19 AM

Hi runawayparent, and welcome to

I agree with the previous posters that a lot depends on time of year. School vacation weeks, obviously, are going to have the greatest number of kids -- but it is also a time in which the lines (including NCL) ramp up their kids' programming. Of course, there may be kids younger than school age on board at other times of the year, and some parents do pull older kids out of school, but those numbers are down tremendously from what you'd see during a school break.

I know, as I am not just a parent of a middle-schooler, but am married to a teacher. School vacations are the only times we can vacation.

Longer cruises also tend to have fewer kids onboard. Which ship will you be on, and when (roughly, if you're not comfortable posting the exact date)?

Cruise Fanatic 12-12-2008 05:19 AM

Time of year, length of cruise, and itinerary all will have an effect. Cheap 3 and 4 day cruises will always have quite a few children. Even seven day cruises when they have great 3&4th passenger rates. I travel during non-peak times and it amazes me how many people will take their children out of school. Of course one doesn't know how many may be home schooled either.

The cruise lines provide plenty for the children to do. If children are being a nuisance it most likely is the parents fault, not the cruise lines. If things get too much of a nuisance it should be reported to the proper authority. Not the bar tenders or cabin steward, but the proper authority; security, pursers desk, or higher if need be. It serves no purpose to remain complacent and come home and complain about how unruly the kids were on a ship. But also keep in mind everyone's definition of unruly children and tolerance of children is different.

penny3333 12-12-2008 06:06 AM

In general, with loads of variations as Cruise Fantatic and Lisa mentioned, Costa and Carnival will have the most children, HAL and Princess the least.

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