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Cortney 01-04-2009 02:22 PM

Hi everyone!

I'm getting so antsy for my March cruise on the Gem! Does anyone happen to have an updated restaurant surcharge list? Also, does anyone who's already been on the Gem have any recommendations for any specific meals or activities to check out on the ship?


Dave 01-04-2009 03:26 PM

Look at this message thread and you'll see what NCL is charging. Prices should be standard across their fleet.

Cortney 01-04-2009 06:07 PM


If you go to, for instance, the sushi place, what do you get with that? Only one roll, or as much as you can eat, or what?

Just seems a little steep for a cruise, but I'm giving Freestyle a try.

Richard & Mary 01-04-2009 06:30 PM


Sushi....all you can eat.....

Specialty restaurants: as of 11-18-2008

Le Bristo $15.00 per person.....EXCELLENT FOOD
Chocolate Fondue for 2 as desert is EXCELLENT
Highly suggest Le Bristo to all NCL cruisers.

Cagney's $20.00 per person..Extra $10 for Lobster and Filet

Endless Summer (Tex/Mex) $10.00 with free Margarita for each paying person.

La Trattoria $10.00 per person.....Italian

Ginza...(Asian Fusion) $15.00...Good Asian food

Teppanyaki $25.00...good show

Soho Room $15.00

Garden Buffet...No Cost

Aqua....Main dining...No Cost

Versailles..Main cost.

Blue Lagoon...24 cost...great comfort food.

In Ginza we ordered three main dishes....
In Versailles we ate three lobster tails each.
Lobster now served 2 nights in main dining rooms.

Room service 24 cost for menu items.

Fresh squeezed orange juice ..Small $2.50 glass
Large $3.50 glass

Coffee and Iced tea in Market cafe or any restaurant ...No cost

For those in Suites..Penthouses...Garden Villa was special breakfast and lunch invitation in Cagney's at NO COST. Cagney's for breakfast has a nice buffet set up and you can order off the menu also. 5 oz steak filet and eggs for breakfast on breakfast menu....GREAT traditional Eggs Benedict......Great 10 oz. Sirloin on lunch menu. Excellent Service.....Excellent atmosphere.

NCL-U....Martini clinics and 5 Martini's (3 oz.) for $15.00 at Gatsby's Bar... Each Martini different type...lots of fun. See Freestyle Daily for daytime schedules.

NCL-U ...Margarita clinics and 5 Margarita (3 oz.) for $15.00 at Gatsby's Bar.....each Margarita different type...lots of fun.

Lots of outside (poolside) BBQ's.....No cost.
Topsiders Bar and Grill...Buffet line for breakfast and lunch. Burgers, dogs, brats, special Mexican Buffet.

Special ice cream station on Deck 12 in Market Cafe.

Market Cafe, lots of Asian food, sushi all at NO COST for lunch.

Sushi Bar..(in evening..after 5:00 PM).....(located in Ginza)...$10.00 all you can eat.

Many items in Main Dining room also offered in the main buffet (Market Cafe) on Deck 12.

Aqua Main Dining after 5:00PM...NO SHORTS..same for Versailles Dining Room.

LisaP 01-04-2009 06:38 PM

Richard & Mary, have you ever tried the Shabu-Shabu (hot pot)? It's one of my favorite meals at home, and I noticed during my N. Jewel tour that it was offered in Ginza, I believe.

Cortney 01-04-2009 07:00 PM

Wonderful! Thanks for the info!

Richard & Mary 01-04-2009 09:12 PM


Yes, Shaba-Shaba is offered in the oriental restaurant. We did it on the NCL Pearl.

It is unique and very well worth the cover charge of $15.00. $5.00 more than the Ginza cover.

It's a unique dining experience using the hot water to cook the food right at your table. The name may turn some cruisers off from selecting the Shaba-Shaba....but would highly suggest it.
It's almost liek a Hibachi at your table, only cooking with hot water.

LisaP 01-05-2009 03:10 PM

Thanks, Richard & Mary. I must say that $15 pp is a bit steep. I pay slightly less than that in our Chinatown for short rib or other meats. And it comes with broth, not water, in the land-based restaurant. Then again, not everyone is fortunate enough to live near an authentic Shabu-Shabu restaurant. A close friend and I used to go once or twice a week when we worked near each other. Thanks for the info, though.

Richard & Mary 01-05-2009 03:43 PM

Shabu-Shabu is an exotic asian dining experience for sure. Depending on were you go in the states, price varies. On ship you get a large selection of different ingredients to cook at the table. The noodles are great. For those that might want to consider Shabu-Shabu I have attached a link that puts this method of asian cooking in easy perspective.

Enjoy and consider giving it a try. I know of NO other cruise ships that offer this exotic dining experience other than NCL. That makes this experience truly Freestyle crusing.

LisaP 01-05-2009 03:50 PM

One word of caution. Do not use the chopsticks you will eat with to handle the raw meat. Most Shabu-Shabu places will give you another set of utensils for "swishing" the meat.

Now I want some.

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