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hpotterfan77 04-06-2010 01:42 PM

Ok, can someone tell me exactly what they do at the New York port as far as check in. I can pretty much guess that they x-ray the carry on bag but do they do that with checked luggage? Also, will you have to walk through a court type of metal detector before you board? Just curious because I hate those and want to know how long it will be to board (approx). Getting down to the wire...couldn't be more excited for my way too belated honeymoon!!!

Kraftsinc 04-06-2010 04:00 PM

Yes, they do put everything through the x-ray as far as I know. You leave your checked bags with the porters outside the terminal so I didn't actually see that part, but I think it's common practice at all ports.

Your carry on is x-rayed in front of you and you do have to walk through a metal detector. It's sensitive enough that I saw people having to remove a cell-phone from a pocket, but my husband didn't have to remove his belt.

Enjoy your honeymoon.

hpotterfan77 05-13-2010 11:17 AM

Check out turned out to be pretty easy and quick. So was getting through customers..though I'm not sure it would have been so quick if my husband hadn't had a black eye and me a broken wrist due to our acciden tin Bermuda. Overall, the experience was phenominal except for

Kraftsinc 05-13-2010 03:13 PM

Ok, you need to tell me more. What on earth happened to you in Bermuda? I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon.


Kraftsinc 05-13-2010 03:18 PM

Nevermind -- I should have looked further. I see it was a moped accident. You sound like people with wonderful attitudes to still enjoy your trip even after such an accident.

Good for you.

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