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DRS 05-15-2007 01:19 PM

My husband and i are cruising on the Pearl on our first cruise. My concern is he is very casual and does not dress up at all. Are there areas on the Pearl that you can go in the evenings in jeans or shorts, like the sports bar to hang out and even to eat? I would hate every meal to be room service

Ron Clark 05-15-2007 03:15 PM

Yes, there's plenty of locales he can go in casual clothes. The only places on NCL ships with any dress requirements, are the restaurants during "dinner". And that is minimal, RESORT CASUAL. For a man, that means slacks and a collared shirt. A polo shirt, an Aloha shirt, a dress shirt all qualifies - as long as it has a collar. Slacks don't have to be dress slacks either, Docker style slacks, kahki slacks are good enough. T-shirts and athletic shirts aren't allowed in the restaurants during dinner.

Jeans are questionable, offically they aren't allowed in the restaurants during dinner, but unoffically many get away wearing clean jeans. But the 24 hour food court restaurant and the buffet offically allow jeans and shorts during dinner. For breakfast and lunch, jeans are allowed at all the restaurants which are open.

Looks like NCL and your husband are made for one another.

DRS 05-16-2007 07:27 AM

Thank you, I was worried he would be uncomfortable the entire trip. I picked NCL as they seemed to have the most casual sounding cruises. The more I see pictures, everyone always looks quite dressed up. Being it is suppose to be a vacation, I thought he would be unhappy 5 nights in a row with slacks and a collar shirt. I had to talk him into a cruise so if he had to go every night without a tee shirt and jeans, I may never get to pick the vacations again. We will spend a lot of time in the sports bar i am sure.

He also can only eat when he is hungry, not when he is tld too, and even then, he barely eats anything I don't have that problem!

I hope we have a good time! We are the type of people who if we find something we like, we keep doing it!


Ron Clark 05-16-2007 02:53 PM

The restaurants aren't open 24 hours a day.
Room service is, and he can always eat in the cabin. But the roon service menu isn't grand.
The buffet is open more often than the restaurants. Some NCL ships will have a food court mall fast food cafe, which is open 24 hours a day on some ships. He shouldn't go hungry for long.

Hint: When the restaurants are open is posted in the Freestyle Daily, so look at it to find out when what is open.

LisaP 05-16-2007 04:12 PM

DRS, if you don't mind me saying so, I think a compromise may be in order. It would be a shame for you to miss the dining room, and I also understand his desire to wear jeans. Perhaps he can wear the dockers and golf shirt a couple of nights (so you can experience the dining room), and then have dinners the remaining nights in a more casual setting.

While I haven't seen Norwegian Pearl yet, I have visited sister ship Norwegian Jewel and the main dining room was stunning -- among the most beautiful I've seen (and I've been on a lot of ships). Still, khakis or dockers with a collared shirt are fine for the dining room.

DRS 05-17-2007 06:53 AM

I agree, if I can get him on the ship, a night or 2 in Dockers won't hurt. Thanks!

TrvlPro 05-17-2007 02:48 PM

NCL's latest marketing for their freestyle dining says "Dress Code: Wear something, we're not that freestyle" That's it, no guidelines provided, just no nudity.

They have really relaxed the dress codes. DRS you definately picked the right cruiseline for Hubby. He's going to feel right at home.

Cheers, Neil

Richard & Mary 06-02-2007 09:37 AM

Just off NCL Pearl for second time in three months.

NCL is CONSTANTLY adapting to American trends and customer demand.

New attitude and slogan:

"Dress up or not"

Had private dinner with Captain and he explained that many Americans dress daily for work, so the new policy from NCL is very laid back. Did not see any men in Tux's for Monday "dress up" night, and jeans were seen in many restaurants and dining rooms. Policy is no NO tank tops, shorts, or bare feet in dining rooms after 5:30PM.

No need to hang out in Sports Bars if you want to dress down.

So enjoy. It's very American. No need to dress up or get decked out unless you want to. They won't except torn blue jeans in the knees at night.

It's a very relaxed policy and atmosphere as of May 27th, 2007.

No need for lots of clothes and overloaded luggage. In most cases one medium size suitcase will do, as you just DON'T need to change clothes frequently, and the NCL Pearl has 2 launderettes for NO COST to the cruiser. You buy just the soap for a $1.00

DRS 06-04-2007 04:31 AM

Thank you! That is very good information. I enjoyed your photos that you posted.

LisaP 06-04-2007 04:46 AM

This new policy to adapt to "American trends and customer demand" may backfire on them. Sorry, this is beyond "laid back," and this is one American customer who will take her business elsewhere.

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