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jhaberli 04-08-2006 12:00 PM

Three couples are planning a trip on the Pride of Aloha in March 2007. No one has been to Hawaii before and neither has our travel agent. We want to spend 2-3 days before the cruise. The agent recommends leaving from Maui because she hears people are disappointed in Honolulu. My sister says we are making a big mistake because there is so much to do in Oahu and we would only get 1 day on the cruise to see it all. It is also cheaper to fly into Oahu. Does anyone have any experience/recommendations on leaving from Honolulu or Maui? Thanks!

F1 04-10-2006 11:04 AM

Well,I just returned from a 11 day cruise! Maui is fab. but Ohau/Honolulu is fab. plus!!!! Although we spent 6 days at Waikiki on the beach-it is outstanding! So much to see!!! if you like snorkerling/scuba-nothing in Hawaii compares with Hanamuna Bay!!! It is virtually like swimming in a Marine Aquarium for hours!!!! The beach is outstanding!!!! with one or two full days-I would pick Ohau for sure-great diversity over Maui.....

SanDee 04-13-2006 08:39 PM

We also just returned from an 11 day cruise. I agree with your sister. If you have never been I recommend Ohau first. The hotels are cheaper for one. Rent a car and get away from Waikiki. One day is enough there. There is so much to do around other parts of the island. Go to Haunama Bay for Snorkling but get there "early". By noon the beach is full and they will not let you in. There is a lovely shopping center on the water before Haunama Bay. Have breakfast or lunch there. Rent a convertable and drive around the island at night with the top down...fabulous! Spend a day on the north shore. The beaches are much rougher though on that part of the island. be careful! Really see the island. Not just the tourist traps. Make sure you visit Pearl Harbour. Maui is nice but you must rent a car to get around. No buses there. Maui is nice to just lay around. This is not a nightlife town if you like to party. Lay around the beach and shop the little stores. That's about it. Ohau has much more nightlife if that's what you like. If you do go to Maui rent a condo. You can get 2 and 3 bedrooms. Get one on the beach. I recommend We were just there and it was fabulous. Complete with kitchens. Shopped at Costco. For just a couple days may not be worth grocery shopping but for a week if there are 4 people or more it can save you a lot of money. Beachfront apartment on the 4th floor. Watched wales from the balcony.

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