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seekerofthesun 03-02-2007 02:29 PM

Has anyone been on the NCL Pearl for the 5 night Western Carribean cruise? Which main dining room serves lobster? I thought I read somewhere that they have a "lobster night" onboard. Do they have a chocolate buffet? Looking forward to cruising 03/25/07. Thanks!

Ron Clark 03-02-2007 02:44 PM

On Lobster night, all the restaurants serve lobster. Lobster is usually served on "Optional Formal" night, which NCL Freestyle Daily's refer to as "Dress Up or Not Night" lately.
Yes, there will be a "Chocolate Buffet" once.

Richard & Mary 03-02-2007 08:40 PM


The Pearl is a beautiful will enjoy. In addition to the chocoholic buffet, which is in the Garden Cafe Buffet Deck 12,.....I suggest if you eat in Le Bistro, Deck 6 midship for desert.... consider the chocolate fondue. It's fresh melted chocolate served in a fondue pot with a 1/2 cut pineapple filled with fresh fruits for dipping in the chocolate. Its the best idea yet, and totally out of this world with the fresh fruit. It is not on the menu, but your server will offer it to you.

billybuzzy 03-08-2007 07:29 PM

Seekerofthesun-I definitely second the Chocolate fondue in Le Bistro-it is truly scrumptious and every bit as much fun as the Chocoholic Buffet!!

Bon Voyage,


Ron Clark 03-09-2007 06:03 AM

I enjoyed the Creme Burlees better.
A Le Bistro dinner is worth every penny.

steveomaha 04-09-2007 06:07 PM

hi there everyone i just joined your great group you are all so nice and informitive i know i spelled it wrong lol i sorry i dont spell worth a lick lol but here is my question does anyone know of or have a pic of the bowling alley on the ncl pearl ? i have never been on a cruise but me and my partner would like to go and we just love bowling so i thought this would be a great ship to take thanks
so much for any info
your freind

Richard & Mary 04-09-2007 08:09 PM


If you search thru these posts, there are several photos of the bowling alley. Two lanes, black light lite with glow balls. Lots of fun, especially if in a group, priced at $5.00 per game. Was on the Pearl Feb 2nd and will be back May 20th, 2007 to Alaska. I know you will enjoy the cruise. You may want to visit my cruise photo show of the Pearl:

This will give you an idea of the ship. Bliss Ultra lounge where the bowling lanes at located is really unique and very contemporay decor.

f-mattox 04-09-2007 10:01 PM

hello steveomaha and welcome to cruise-chat i was recently chastised for suggesting that a poster try a little punctuation here and there so i wont do that to you i will only point out that your posts are much more likely to get a timely and thoughtful response if they are fairly easy to read the ones that are not are frequently skipped over or worse made fun of so dont let this happen to you richard & mary are very nice people and would not tell you this but i am nice too and only tell you in the spirit of your getting the most out of your time here at cruise-chat im sure you and your partner will very much like the pearl with its black light alleys and glow balls

steveomaha 04-10-2007 05:59 AM

thanks richard and mary i enjoyed your pics
but i didnt see the bowling alley in them maybe i missed it but will go back and look
F-mattox lol you can correct me on my spelling anytime i dont mind .. i belong to another group and they all know i dont spell worth a lick and they think its funny and correct me all the time . but look at it this way once you get to know me and know i spell it would make it hard for someone to try to be me i really enjoy this board and all the info you people bring to it .. it really helps people like me decide what kind of cruise and what ship you want to go on ..
thank you folks so much
your freind

carlg 04-10-2007 06:07 AM

Very good f-mattox!! Not sure how you did that. I was out of breath by the time I finished your post....kept waiting for that darned period or explanation point!!!

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