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tonia 06-03-2007 06:21 PM

i am a new cruiser to ncl. sailing the pride of hawaii on august, any sugestions or comments.

TrvlPro 06-03-2007 06:24 PM

The islands are amazing. Have a great vacation!

Aloha, Neil

f-mattox 06-03-2007 06:40 PM

Five must-do's:

1. Visit Volcanoes Natl. Park on the Big Island;
2. Go snorkeling off the Kona coast;
3. Go to a luau--just pass on the poi;
4. Go inland on Kauai--4 wheel drive, horseback, ATV;
5. Have a Mai Tai at the patio bar of the Royal Hawiian on
Wakiki Beach.

Have a great cruise!

tonia 06-03-2007 07:29 PM

how do i get a countdown to my cruise

tonia 06-03-2007 07:39 PM Free Cruise Tickers

TrvlPro 06-03-2007 07:57 PM

Ummmm.... not to be picky about it but your post said Pride of Hawaii and your ticker says Pride of Aloha. Is your booking right?

goin' cruisin' 06-03-2007 08:53 PM

Details, details,'re such a TA, Trvl Pro!

F-Mattox: I must protest...DO NOT pass on the Poi. Just on principle, you have to try it once (unlike escargot, which is just garden snails!).

tonia 06-05-2007 03:40 AM

my trip is on the pride of aloha. i had it wrong. thanks for all of the help i really appreciate it.

billybuzzy 06-08-2007 08:51 AM

Goin'Cruzin'-I will gladly pass you my portion of Poi at the next Luau!


Berick1234 06-08-2007 10:44 AM

Bring extra's a little expensive once you get on the Islands...BUT..worth it...
Be prepared to become addicted to cruising...It's a wonderful way to see the world..Aloha....

Bob E

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