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Old 08-14-2005, 09:03 PM
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Hello..just returned home from Aug1 sailing NCL Dream or Nightmare as we callit in our home! We received no other offer other than you can cancel the cruise...not even a bar credit! I have no idea where Ron cruiser heard about a $300.00 stateroom refund.....cancelled port...horrible disembarkation procedures...6 hour delay to return.....30 minute waits for dinner for 10 nights...sewerage smell as you walk around the ship.....wish we had taken the refund instead of the cruise! NCL was evasve and deceptive...we found out from the crew they hadn't stopped in Sitka since June!
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Old 08-15-2005, 08:39 AM
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We were on the cruise leaving Seattle July 10. For missing Sitka, we received a free bottle of wine and $100 room credit. Sad to miss Sitka but we want to go again to Alaska and will see it next time. We enjoyed the cruise. Food was great and there was lots to do. Engineering officer said the failed piston cannot be fixed for 4-6 months because parts have to be manufactured. Speed was reduced from 21 knots to 17 knowts.

The ship has two main engines and two small auxillary engines. It sounds like a second engine has now failed. Who would fly on a four engine airplane with two engines out of service???
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Old 08-15-2005, 09:15 AM
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Hello..just returned home from Aug1 sailing NCL Dream or Nightmare as we callit in our home! We received no other offer other than you can cancel the cruise...not even a bar credit! I have no idea where Ron cruiser heard about a $300.00 stateroom refund.....cancelled port...horrible disembarkation procedures...6 hour delay to return.....30 minute waits for dinner for 10 nights...sewerage smell as you walk around the ship.....wish we had taken the refund instead of the cruise! NCL was evasve and deceptive...we found out from the crew they hadn't stopped in Sitka since June!
But as you admit, you were offered to cancel the cruise without penalty.
As for bar credit, the onboard credits NCL gave to the next cruise, after yours, can not be used for bar tabs or gratuties. It's against the law, why did you ask for something NCL can't give?
Of course being the six hours late to the homeport is why your disembarkation, and the embarkation of the next cruise was a disaster.
That's why when ships are slowed, either by weather or mechanical malfunctions, ports of call, like Sitka in this example, are dropped.
As for 30 minute waits for dinner, that really depends upon when you arrive to eat. If you don't get in line and a table upon the opening of the restaurant, it's best to wait two hours to get in line, 'cause it will take two hours for those with a table to dine.
As for sewage odors, blame your fellow cruisers. Almost (over 99%) all stoppages in the plumbing is caused by articles that shouldn't be placed in the toilet. Only toilet tissue should be flushed. Towels, Washcloths, Diapers, Kleenex, Dirty Underwear, and Tampons will clog the pipes. The only way NCL can guarantee zero sewage odors is for them to escort everyone into the bath room. You surley wouldn't want that, do you?
As for being deceptive, you did have the opportunity to cancel your cruise prior to boarding. Didn't you ask why?
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Old 08-15-2005, 12:45 PM
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Well, Ron sorry that I was unable to pass on personal information on what was a poorly run event to people asking for their impressions...as for why not cancel..non-refundable airline tickets and post cruise hotel commitments would have put us in the minus column..we were only told the week before the cruise ...some people were informed at the gate..also, this was our 6 th cruise..second on NCL and no way did we expect things to be this bad...

As far as, the smell you have got to kidding...blame the passengers..hardly likely..
As far as "asking for something NCL couldn't give" us seems a bit like a defense for the cruise line...we just expected, and did not receive a quality run operation...for the price of the cruise ticket for the family...so my negative responses aren't well received here?
I thought the venue was to give both good and negative responses to help clarify the questions that are on travelers minds....

Perhpas, if you wee there you mind see it differently....
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Old 08-15-2005, 01:28 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2005
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I have to agree with jbart....I too was on the Dream...I have cruised 8 times with various lines. I love to cruise. I understand vacations are not perfect. I find fault when the same problems occurs without apology or compensation. I do not appreciate NCL's ignoring questions onbaord, blaming others, and changng the subject. I was a good customer. I had four family members on board and we went on excursions every port. The hours of missed ports also effective the tours. I basically spent alot of money, and did not even recieve as much as an apology. On other cruises, when a problem arose the purser always was friendly, apologetic and helpful.

NCL has really dropped the ball with customer service...almost to the point that it insults your intelligence. We were late to a port. At the past cruisers cocktail party, the real problem with the engines was not answered. The problem? The Captain stated that we had a medical emergency. A crew member was 7 months pregnant and went into labor. Mom and ONE POUND BABY were doing fine. Come on.............He even went on to say he suggested baby be named Dream. Some older people clapped...75% of the cocktail party gasped in dibelief. The captain also blamed any misunderstandings of Sitka on our travel agents. It seemed that the poor crew was so attacked by unanswerable questions, that they became rude. Everything trickled down. Late to port...everyone late for excursions..packed shoulder to shoulder trying to get off. Extra days at sea...Crew trying to think of any activity to fill void..Filipino language lessons....clock demos..(I even tried this one...cruisers showed up but they forgot to tell crew member).

In Seward, the locals call the Dream the Bad Dream.....it's not her fault...just the corporation for caring more about down time than anything else.

I do find it funny that the very boards that are to allow freedom of speech seem to attack people when they have a poor opinion of a cruise line.
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Old 08-15-2005, 01:44 PM
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Gee, sounds like it was definitely not a good cruise experience - unfortunate for everyone.

However, I must say that both of the last posters seem to have it wrong. It is not the site (or the moderators) who are disagreeing with you - but, regular posters - like yourself.
Seems to me both sides are being allowed "Freedom of Speech".

Free Cruise Tickers
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Old 08-15-2005, 03:07 PM
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I learned a long time ago that a healthy debate is the best way for people to discern the truth in a situation. If everyone agreed about everything, what would the point of discussing it be?

It sounds as if the Dream is having a difficult time of it.

I was on the Norwegian Wind on one cruise in Hawaii when the schedule was changed from Kona to Kauai. We spent a few hours in Kauai and then left for Fanning Island. Over a day out, a passenger had a heart attack and the ship turned around to head for Kona and a medical evacuation. By the time the ship was near Hawaii, the passenger was doing better so they elected to forego the med evac in favor of docking in Hilo to be met by an ambulance.

We spent a couple of hours in Hilo and then turned around to head for Fanning Island again. The PSA required an international port of call on this itinerary. People were getting mad about it and a groundswell of anger was fueled by the negativity that was created.

The bottom line was that we finally got to Fanning Island for another short stay and then turned around to head back to Kona. We missed Maui entirely.

Late in the cruise I heard the most outrageous stories about how the captain was going to bury people at sea and yada, yada. By this time there was a "mutiny group” that had formed. They made hats out of the cloth table napkins and put signs on their doors blaming the captain for their ruined vacation. They demanded full refunds and they were going to join for a class action suit.

The whole cruise was regrettable, not for the missed ports, but for the negativity that prevailed on the ship for most of the cruise. I still managed to have a great time, but people would actually get mad at me for not complaining (but then I have been to Hawaii 282 times, so it was no big deal to me). Nancy Norris was on that cruise as well maybe she will share her perspective.

In this case, the captain couldn’t simply say “Oh, forget that guy, let him die, Let’s stick to our schedule”. If it were your spouse that had suffered the heart attack, you would demand that the ship do everything within its power to save their life.

While the situation couldn’t have been helped, NCL could have done a much better job of informing passengers of what was going on. The situation on the Dream sounds like a similar situation to me.

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Old 08-15-2005, 03:31 PM
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The Dream should be taken out of service until fixed! When your standing at the dock suit cases checked, vacation planned, flights arranged you don't take a refund. NCL has a responseablity here to make sure there ship old or new is in top running condition everytime it sails. It is running on two out of four engines (probably aux engines) and has had problems for months. Customers should be notified before they even get to port and offered a refund not when there standing on the pier ready to board!!!!
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Old 08-15-2005, 06:14 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2005
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I just stepped off the Dream last Thursday afternoon (8/11)and can tell you that although Alaska is worth every penny the Dream is not. My husband is composing his letter to the CEO as we speak and we have called our credit card company and are disputing ALL charges to NCL untill we get satisfaction from them regarding cancellations (Sitka and the Inside Passage,and late arrival to Seattle (7 hours to be exact) which made us (and many others) miss their flights or Seattle excursions. No credits or refunds or on board credit. No offer to help us with the change of flight charges and not one bit of explaination that remained consistant through out the cruise, or for that matter, the passengers.
I have been to Alaska before (on a different cruise line)and thought that this would be a special treat for my 2 children. We LOVED Alaska and took tons of excursions but the cruise left alot to be desired. The lack of customer service seems rapid within the company and after our dispute is finished my family and I will have nothing to do with NCL. My advise is to look elsewhere for good deals (they can be had) and to go see Alaska, just not on NCL.
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Old 08-15-2005, 06:34 PM
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Posts: 4
I used to worry about negative comments. I previously read that Norwegian Dream smells of smoke from stem to stern. Also read that the best food was peanut butter and bacon. So we went on the July 10 cruise and enjoyed the trip even though one port was cancelled.

A few corrections to previous comments by others. Yes, the on board credit can be used for bar credit. We used the $100 we received to order wine at most dinners. It worked great and releaved our tension and worries about missing Sitka. Another misconception. Standing in line for dinner for half an hour is only true if go when all others go. They cannot have seating for 1900 people. We started by going 20 minutes before the dining opened. We stood in line, no big deal. Upon sitting, we noted that 15 minutes to half an hour after opening, there was no line. Wow. So we went just after opening and never had a line.

One strange thing. They ejected people with blue jeans from dinner. Our friend on the ship's special WESTERN NIGHT was ejected for wearing fancy jeans with rhinestones and decor. Others also were rejected from the dining room. Jeans are under the table and table cloth so who cares? Contrast this with formal night. I counted over half the men with no suit coat or tie. They were not ejected. Formal is optional on this ship.

The on deck BBQ lunches were out of this world. The smoke, the BBQ, the meat and other items, wow. Best grilled lunch on any ship. Plus they had the buffet, the pizza and burger place plus two main restaurants and two speciality restaurants. There were many choices of places to eat.

We always get up before sunrise to photo each sunrise. The buffet opens too late so we ordered room service for 4 AM. It always arrived on time, however, hot food was not available that early. We ordered toast, yogurt, fruit, coffee, juice, etc. This held us over until the buffet opened.

We never smelled any sewage. We had read stories and warnings before about sewage and smoke. We were never bothered by smoke.

Not the best cruise but we are satisfied and relieved that the food was much better than a previous writer who said peanut butter and bacon were the best foods available. We each gained five pounds. Some previous cruisers said NCL is for those who want to diet.

However, in view of engine problems, I still wonder how many would get aboard an airplane with two of four engines. out. The Dream probably will not sink or run aground. If more engines fail, it will be a longer voyage with lots of extra meals and perhaps days aboard at no extra charge. Would they dare to raise the price if they slow to a speed which lengthens the voyage? Also, it could be newsworthy and exciting for photographers. bring your cameras. The sense of danger sounds exciting to future Dream cruisers. Bon Voyage.
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