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DRS 05-03-2007 09:38 AM

I can see drinking is a major topic and I have read a lot of posts but I really cannot find answers to my questions. I have called the cruise line and they don't seem to have answers to much of anything. Thought I would try here -

I have never been on a cuise, we are going on the Pearl in a few months. I am more than happy to pay the cruise line to purchase drinks of all sorts but have found a big problem with in cabin beers. I think the in cabin liquor set up of like $50 a bottle is fair, but we prefer to have a few beers in our room or on the balcony together. I have been quoted like just over $4.50 per beer, which is $108 per case of domestic beer! I don't mind paying that per beer in a bar but that is too much for a case of room beer. Is there a cheaper way without smuggling that anyone knows of to have a case of beer in the room? I read somewhere the first day you can buy at the duty free shops, pay a corkage fee and take it to your room, is this true? If so, can you do it through out the cruise? Thanks!

Jude 05-03-2007 11:01 AM

DRS from what I found out during my recent trip is that you can call the line prior to sailing and have a setup. We did the liquor setup and payed 40 a bottle. As far as beer goes.. you can pre order itand pay I belive 4 a bottle or wait till you get onboard. They have a special which is 6 beers in what looks like a football helmet with ice for 25 dollars, 45 if you want to keep the helmet. During the whole trip I had seen numerous helmets waiting in the hallways empty. Just get onboard order the helmet special and stackem in the room. Have room service bring you ice. I had 2 tubs of ice delivered each day to keep the drinks cold.

Thats what I would do, instead of the sneak on routine or paying 100 bucks a case.

DRS 05-03-2007 01:42 PM

thank you, that was great advice! and love the helmet idea, wish it was easier to find all about what is offered on the cruise lines website and books.

Jude 05-03-2007 02:31 PM

This site would be your best source for that info Before my first cruise last week this place was where I got all the ins and outs from.

Richard & Mary 05-03-2007 04:19 PM

Been on the Pearl and will be back on Pearl May 20th, 2007.

As far as drinking and prices. It's a cruise line and a major source of revenue on a cruise ship are the drinks, both cocktails and beer, and especially wine. As Jude stated, there are specials, but be prepared to pay premium prices, no different than a US pro Baseball game, NFL Football game etc.

Best value is off ship at local bars. Suggest that you get off ship and party it up. Otherwise just be prepared to pay a little extra for the drinks and beer. It's only money and if your taking a cruise, you work for a living, so enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can always work and make more money. Don't skimp for a couple of bucks, just enjoy the cruise. The extras that you spend are to be expected. Try the specials like martini clinic's, a great value. Margarita clinics, another great value, and of course wine tasting, another great value. So the end result, there are specials and just enjoy, don't won't about an extra $100 bucks. It's immaterial considering you will probably make a million or two in a lifetime.

Don't buy the souvenir cocktails with the take home plastic glass, it's a major ripoff. Buy wine by the bottle, not the glass. Buy beer by the can or bottle not the glass, unless pints are offered in a bar like Maltings.

Can't wait to get back on the Pearl and have lots of fun at another martini clinic. They are a blast, and you always get blasted.

DRS 05-04-2007 04:26 AM

good info, thanks. I like Martini's, what is a martini clinic?

billybuzzy 05-04-2007 07:00 PM

DRS-The Martini Clinic is a small medical facility on a tiny Caribbean Island wherein copious amounts of medicinal grade alchohol is used extensively for various assorted maladies!


Richard & Mary 05-04-2007 08:57 PM


On NCL they offer a Martini Clinic for $15.00 per person. Bar staff will show you how to make up to 5 martini's, of various kinds. It is alot of fun, from classic, to lemon, to chocolate martini's. The bar tenders are very open and will make what you like for all attendees. They discuss the difference between vodka and gin, the qualities, the brands. Takes about one hour, and you will end up being served 5 martini's during this time, 5-6oz each. It's a blast, and I can guarentee, if you shy, within 30 minutes, you may be the life of the martini clinic. NCL also offers a Margarita clinic, based the same way.

It's well worth it and lots of fun. Just watch for it in your daily cruise schedule.

Richard & Mary
Las Cruces, New Mexico USA

I may need both the Martini, and the Margarita just to stay warm in Alaska.

Pearl May 20th, 2007 to Alaska
Diamond Princess 14 day to Hawaii Dec 3rd, 2007

We just can't wait. We love to cruise.

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