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cruiseshiplover 07-10-2006 02:55 AM

My Grand pearents have siled on the SS United States and i adore the ship. When I heard that NCL has purchased the ship my spirits soard that one day I could be on board. But the SS Norways fate is uncirtin. I wanted to ask evreybody who has any updates whats going on?

Ron Clark 07-10-2006 03:30 PM

The fate of the SS US depends upon the success NCLA in the Hawaiian market. The quicker NCLA can turn a profit, if it ever turns a profit, the more likely NCLA will want an additional ship. It's far more cheaper to refurbish the already stripped down SS US than it is to build an entirely new ship in America.
Never-the-less, after any refurbishment of the SS US with it reentering active service, it would be the smallest ship in the NCLA (NCL) fleet. I would hazard to guess a complete redo and modernaization of the entire ship will have to be done to make it economically to operate and maintain, as many of it's parts aren't readily available anywhere in the world.
Therefore, it isn't very likely it will reentering service soon. I still think it's more likely for NCL to refurb the SS US than the SS Norway.

Capt Matt 07-10-2006 04:27 PM

Yeah Right!.......SS Norway, the longest running cruise ship in the caribbean circuit=Good Bye! scrap if not saved soon...The Indy, "wasn't laid up properly" even though we've owned her for the last three years, go figure=Good Bye!....The Big U, (this remark is coming soon!) "unfortunately the ship doesn't meet our company's long term plans."=Good Bye!!

Go figure! The company that owns all three of these wonderful ships has already written off two of them. Why should the United States be any different? All that talk about refurbishment is exactly!

Ron Clark 07-11-2006 04:22 PM

You may be correct that the SS US may never sail again.

Some advantages the SS US has over the SS Norway.
1) American built and can be American flagged, meeting all Jones Act restrictions.
2) Most of the Abestos removed (abestos still in the machinery rooms).
3) Already stripped down for remodeling.
4) Small enough to fit into the Panama Canal.
5) It's much faster, as is.
6) Equipment hatches over the boiler and turbine rooms, making it unnecessary to cut a hole in the hull of the ship to re-boiler and re-engine.

some advantages of the SS Norway over the SS US.
1) It's larger.
2) Remodeling into a cruise ship has already performed, although it needs to be remodeled again.
3) Can be manned with an International crew.

As I wrote earlier, for the SS US to re-enter service, NCLA has to make a profit first. If NCLA can't make a profit with three brand new ships in Hawaii, there's no way NCL will invest more resources on a failed venture. The jury is still out on that.

There's always the possibility, even if NCLA turns a profit, that NCL will decide it's not worth the expense of refurbishing the SS US. Thinking, or talking about doing it, and actually doing it, are two different things.

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