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leonard k 02-07-2010 08:01 AM

My wife and I were on the Jade 12 Day Mediterranean cruise last week and everyone we spoke with on the ship and on the tours were sick with either upper or lower gastrointestinal illness. Prior to boarding @ the dock we received a letter from NCL offering a full refund because of a Gastrointestinal illness on the last several trips. What do you do after you fly in from the US to Spain and realize upon arrival @ the dock that you most likely will end up sick on this vacation? While on board we both did get sick, my wife upper and I lower. My wife and I are both Registered nurses and seeing the staff wearing the same pair of cheap gloves to handle all food and beverages served to us was upsetting. The food in every dining room was warm never hot. You could not get a drink of water without someone serving it to you.
My take is the combination of suboptimal food temperature and dirty gloves was and still is the cause for much of this outbreak onboard. After complaining to the Exe. Chef he told me to call him and he will make sure my food will be hot, what about the other 2000+ passengers.
I really think a class action case is warranted and would make some lawyer a wealthy man. Anyone interested?

Dave 02-07-2010 08:20 AM

Time for Dave's reality check.

So making a lawyer wealthy helps you in which way? I say that because a class action lawsuit means you and any other passengers get a future cruise credit of maybe $200 from NCL and the lawyer gets his 40% of the total settlement. Sorry this happened, but as an RN you should know that this type of illness is usually caused by other infected passengers spreading it - often by boarding the ship ill - and not by the crew. Once present it can be hard to kill despite many cleanings.

Unless you have more than anecdotal evidence - which is what you have (you thought the food was not hot enough, you didn't think the crew changed gloves often enough) - you have nothing a lawyer would be interested in. My advice is to get over it and move on. I hate that it happened to you, but it happens. It happens on ships, in hotels, in hospitals, and in restaurants. The difference is ships are required to report any and all outbreaks to the CDC.

LisaP 02-07-2010 08:28 AM

Let's review. They disclosed this before you boarded. They gave you an offer of a full refund in writing. You chose to go. The Executive Chef did (or at least offered to) accommodate you onboard. Doesn't sound like much of a case to me.

Besides, our Forum Rules prohibit solicitation of any kind, so please review them if you plan to stick around. I hope you and your wife are feeling better.

leonard k 02-07-2010 09:33 AM

I'm not looking for a total refund but 10 minute notice of this recurrent issue should have been made sooner, not upon boarding, and I disagree with the crew vs passenger theory of yours. I was there and saw the handling of food and drinks.
NCL wins regardless. I never had any issues on the past 12 cruises with Carnival over the past 20 years+. I think it's an NCL issue.

Dave 02-07-2010 10:14 AM

You can disagree but it isn't my theory. The CDC lists passenger turnover as a cause for norovirus spreading on ships.

And is isn't an NCL issue. In fact, for 2009 NCL had one of the best records. Look HERE

Cruise Fanatic 02-07-2010 04:21 PM

I agree this isn't an NCL problem. Just about all cruise lines have gone through this at one time or another. As mentioned, the cruise lines are held to a higher standard to report if more than 1% come down with Norovirus. Whereas on land, hotels don't.

I agree it would be very upsetting to fly so far to be notified. However; you were given a choice and you chose to take the cruise. This is another example why everyone should buy insurance.

I sailed on a Disney cruise a week after they had an outbreak. They were not letting anyone get their own coffee or drinks either. This seems like an appropriate way to try to avoid further spreading.

Sandy 02-07-2010 08:29 PM

It sounds like what you and your wife contracted was norovirus, not food poisoning. As nurses, you know that the best way to prevent getting noro is frequent hand washing, keeping hands off handrails, not touching your eyes or mouth, etc.

Also, you probably also know that noro gives symptoms both "upper" and "lower" as the virus works its magic through your body. It usually takes a day and a half to feel human again. Was that your experience?

Guinness 02-14-2010 01:50 PM

Sorry to hear about the illness. We are planning that same ship in October. I sure hope it doesn't happen again. Did you notice if NCL let you bring wine on board? We will be going to Italy & hoped to be able to bring a bottle on board to have in our room.

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