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Paul & Darryl 02-28-2005 11:02 AM

Hi Everyone:

First, I have to say that this post is NOT to bash NCL but just a warning to Latitudes members that are booking direct through NCL's website...the matter is now resolved and as a matter of fact, the agent that handled the correction for me wouldn't let me off the line until she resolved it. It took a while for them to figure out but they did and she was most helpful.

This is what happened.

I booked directly through NCL's site for a 12/11 cruise on the Dawn. I'm in balcony category BA and was happy enough with the advanced booking price to go ahead and do it. A few days later I was showing a friend how I book online and chose the same cruise, same category and got a price that was $200 per person LESS! $400 Less than our cruise! I immediately called NCL and told them about it, as I said, the agent and her supervisor were most helpful and in the end they detirmined that my latitudes membership, even though it showed up on my reservation, had somehow not been applied to the price. Yet, on the second booking where I was showing my friend how to do it the correct price was reflected. They apologized and said the system must have glitched. Being a bit of cynic I wanted to make sure they weren't just giving me an excuse for a screw up and I did go through the process online again both with entering latitudes membership and NOT entering it. It did reflect a difference of $200 per person in that category. I know when I made my original reservation that I did answer "yes" to being a latitudes member and they confirmed that with me. I guess we will chalk it up to a computer glitch - being a programmer I'm all too familiar with those!

Anyway, when you book online with NCL you must call them and give your credit card number to pay so I suggest asking the agent if the price relfects any available discounts.

This made me happy as a clam and Paul and I had been vascilating about taking a Limo from Philly to New York which cost about $400 round trip. NCL helped us decide!

Take care all.

Paul & Darryl

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