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wendy_woo2 08-28-2009 06:15 PM

Hi, I booked my cruise for nov.29th,2009 and paided it in full, now I'm wondering if this was a mistake in case the price drops its my understanding they won't make adjustments on my price since I paided for it already, should I of only made the deposit? Doesn't seem right that they wouldn't "award" someone cause they paided for it already, but would lower the price if a person only made a deposit, can anyone clear that up for me.
getting excited either way! LOL

Dave 08-28-2009 06:59 PM


Paying the final balance before the due date is really not a wise thing to do. Why give the cruise line your money before the due date?

I always wait until the last moment before I can say that I've "paid for my cruise in full". And in that light it has never been a mistake.

Sonny V 08-28-2009 07:05 PM

Let me see if I got this right. Instead of just putting a deposit down, you choose to pay the cruise in full - expecting to have some kind of a "award"? Did you book your cruise through a travel agent? If so, the agent should have explained that there is a final payment date. If you make full payment prior to that date and decide to cancel before the Final Payment Due Date, you can still get a full refund. The same should apply to any price changes. You really should direct your concerns to whom ever you booked the cruise with. I think you're getting your feathers all ruffled for nothing.

billybuzzy 08-28-2009 07:23 PM

wendy- As Sonny has said "I think you're getting your reathers all fuffled for nothing." (Or something like that) Bear this in mind - Your scheduled cruise date is Nov. 29,2009 - You are at the 90 day payment due date for most cruises of 7 days or more! If you have just done this it will make little or no difference!!!

At this point in time- if there is a price drop you can always contact your TA for an adjustment - in many cases the cruiseline might give you a credit on your shipboard account!

Bon Voyage,


wendy_woo2 08-28-2009 07:33 PM

thanks guys, I booked with the cruiseline at there tollfree number, and do have a agent with the cruiseline, was more or less wondering in the future if I should just give a deposit instead of all at once, I have only been on 5 cruises and have always paided in full, mainly cause I want the cruise paided for before I leave but thanks was helpful

Cruise Fanatic 08-28-2009 07:38 PM

The final payment due date is September 15th on the 7-day cruise leaving November 29th, and September 30th on the 5-day cruise.

Dwayne 08-29-2009 03:25 AM

I've always paid mine on or near the due date. If I have the cash I leave it in my account earning a little interest (key word little). If using a charge card for reward miles etc. I wait to the last minute to avoid interest charges. I've heard paying it in full puts you in a less advantageous position for further price reductions on some cruise lines. I don't specifically recall which ones, or even know if that's true.

As the others have noted, the penalty phase starts with the final due date. No advantage whatsoever to paying it in full in my opinion until you have to.


penny3333 08-31-2009 07:25 AM

NCL usually will not make an adjustment. If you are outside your penalty phase, you can cancel and rebook if the price goes down. This does not guarantee the same cabin, however. Their theory is, if the price were to increase, they would not charge you extra.

warriorking 08-31-2009 05:45 PM

My NCL agent told me not to pay in full till the cutoff date, so that they could make adjustments if the price goes down...I have a cruise scheduled for Jan 2010 so my cutoff is in November, right now I am rebooking my cruise with my local travel agency due to the great airfair savings compared to NCL, great thing is I called NCL to cancell so I could rebook with the agency and they told me to just have my new travel agent call them and they would just transfer the package over to my travel agency, no need to rebook at all...this will really make things run smoothly and save time, plus I save several hundred dollars in airfare that can be used on my cruise for other items...

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