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raffles 03-21-2007 03:12 AM

Any info about these ports? I am thinking of going on a cruise out of LA next month.

goin' cruisin' 03-21-2007 07:36 AM

Catalina Island-if you've never been, take a tour through the Avalon while you're there. Also, rent a golf cart and tour the island on your own. The last time we were there (3/04) we saw a nesting bald eagle, which if you're in Alaska, is not unusual. On Catalina, it was a big deal.

Ensenada-Unfortunately, it is a relatively dirty city. The shopping there is not too unlike Tijuana, with lots of bartering and begging children. The van drivers discourage you from buying anything from the children (chiclets, candy) or from giving them anything-it promotes the practice of child exploitation.

Inasmuch as Hussongs was a hangout for me way back when, I will still go there and have a couple of "pops" for the good old days. Across the street is a much more modern, tourist oriented Papas and Beer, where some pretty wild stuff happens. Go once, just to say you did. I like the authenticity of Hussongs much better.

They used to have a bus tour out to a couple of wineries 17 miles east of Ensenada, I believe in the Guadalupe Valley. Great trip if you like wine. One precaution on this: the road is essentially 2-lanes the whole way, up a winding pass that climbs 1000 feet or so in elevation. The flippin' drivers don't hesitate to pass slower traffic on this windy road with blind curves. Once you get to the winery, you NEED several glasses of wine.

Have fun. It's a not very expensive 4 night cruise with some good times to be had.

f-mattox 03-21-2007 12:56 PM

Ensenada; definitely Hussongs!

Catalina Island; golf cart rental a great ideal. Lots of water sports--great snorkel and scuba--water is usually crystal clear; but be prepared: it's also cold--wet suit required!
Casino tour a must (not a real casino now, but of real historical significance.

Chef Ken 04-02-2007 12:51 PM


Originally posted by raffles:
Any info about these ports? I am thinking of going on a cruise out of LA next month.
Well...? What did you decide, are you going on that cruise, raffles?

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