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beachy 05-21-2006 09:16 AM

Maybe someone can help me.I've looked everywhere web cams,photos, etc., for info on which way the cruise ships face when in port at King's wharf. I know the port (left) side doesn't always mean the boat docks on the left side. I trying to find out which side faces Hamilton when in port. I've heard it can go either way. Any help would be great. Thanks Beachy

NancyN 05-22-2006 12:00 PM

I am not sure I understand if you are asking about when in King's Wharf or docked in Hamilton. But, having just returned from a cruise on the Costa Magica to Bermuda we were docked in King's Wharf and the port side was facing the Naval Dockyard and the starboard had a view of the ocean (which would be in the direction of Hamilton). However, you can not actually see Hamilton from King's Wharf because Hamilton is tucked away in a cove that is not visible from the open waters. On the numerous occassions I have been in Hamilton, the ship's are facing different directions - usually one has the port side facing towards Front St. while the other has its starboard side facing the main street. I am not sure there is anyway of guaranteeing which side will be facing Hamilton.

beachy 05-22-2006 09:03 PM

Thank you nancy.

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