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Lucie 11-11-2008 10:51 PM

Did anyone take a tour from Punta Arena to Torres del Paine?
We will be in port for 13hrs this gives us 11 hrs to visit, we were thinking of a fly over kind of tour?
I cannot find anything (website, tour guide etc..) the ship does not offer any such tour. I am afraid it might be too much of an undertaking, distance et all...
Any advice would be welcome.

LHT28 11-12-2008 06:53 AM

It is quite a distance from the port so maybe the logistics of getting there is why the ship does not offer tours.

You would want to spend more than a few hours there.

penny3333 11-12-2008 08:19 AM

This might help you. It sounds like logistics are a problem.

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