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bacardi300 09-03-2008 12:17 AM

Can anybody tell me how long it would be with the taxi from the airport (SEA) to the habour? Costs?

penny3333 09-04-2008 07:00 AM

It's a short ride and will probably run around $35-45.

bacardi300 09-04-2008 08:22 AM

Hello Penny3333,
thanks for the information.

Dave 09-04-2008 08:36 AM

If you are flying in a day early (a wise thing to do), the Doubletree at SEA might be running their cruise special which includes a complimentary shuttle to the ship. We stayed there in June and it was great, including a shuttle with just us and another couple on it.

bacardi300 09-05-2008 02:04 PM

I think about to cancel the whole trip.The Pearl is only running with one engine.The canceled SF,LA and the night in Acapulco.

Dave 09-05-2008 03:21 PM


I think about to cancel the whole trip.
Are they going to refund the whole price? So far all I've read is that your cruise gets a $50 OBC with no offers of refunds.

bacardi300 09-05-2008 11:22 PM

At the time of booking the route was with stops in SF,LA and overnight in Acapulco.NCL made major changes in the ports of call.After a talk with NCL Germany a employee told me that they have many many of cancelations because of this changes.We also want to meet some friends in SL and LA we saw last over 10 years ago.

Dave 09-06-2008 07:31 AM


After a talk with NCL Germany a employee told me that they have many many of cancelations because of this changes.
Right, but unless NCL is going to waive the cancellation penalties for the Pearl problems you are looking at losing 50% of your travel fare right now, and 75% if you wait until 14 days to 8 days before the cruise. This is what is quoted in the NCL Europe rules.

bacardi300 09-06-2008 10:47 AM

Until yesterday , there was no cancelation fee from NCL for this cruise.
Greetings Elena

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