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cousins 05-29-2010 06:35 AM

Our day in Nassau....
When you pull into port there is a regulated building of people trying to sell you items/excursions/taxis. To go to Paradise Is./Atlantis Hotel/Cabbage Beach....It cost $4 per person....the vans hold many people. Then they ask someone to cough up a buck to pay the toll over the bridge! But if you go through themain building at the pier there are cab drivers on the outside of the fence willing to take you for $2 or $3 per person.
It's about a 7 min ride. At Atlantis you can walk though their lobby and see the wonderful fish aquariums for free and take nice photos/you can also pay $35 to see more of their aquariums but the free one was good enough for us! Outside they have shops/icecream stores etc.
Cabbage Beach is a free beach 3 hotels down from Atlantis anyone can point you in the right direction. This beach had the BIGGEST waves I've ever seen....and I live in Palm Beach. They were massive. A lot of fun but it wasnn't for just trying to swim or float.....The water crashed over the was a ton of fun!
At this beach there are no lifeguards, umbrellas drinks or anything bring your pool towels off the ship. Tons of cabbies there to take you back and they don't care if you're full of sand! (and you will be!)

Vivanco 10-14-2010 08:30 PM

Were going there in December. Can we just go to the Atlantis hotel and pay to stay the day there?

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