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peter l 01-26-2011 01:08 PM

Cozumel pier
Which pier does Princess normally use in Cozumel ? I had heard that Princess shares the Puerta Maya Cruise Center that is home to Carnival ships. Thanks for the info.


penny3333 01-27-2011 10:38 AM

The last time we were in Cozumel on Princess, that's where we ported. But, it's been 3 years since we were there on Princess.

peter l 01-27-2011 02:56 PM

Thanks Penny, I remember from prior cruises that there were two different piers that were available, then I read somewhere that Carnival had a new Cruise Terminal after the hurricane decimated the pier in 2005 and built the new Puerta Maya Center. It would be nice to come into a new area that has some different things where the ship docks, even if it is a little further to the center of town.
I wasn't sure if Princess would be using it...Thanks for your help as usual.


alexandra cruiser 02-06-2011 02:18 PM

Yes, we docked right next to Princess at PM pier
and short walk to town area,,,were on Regent,,but used same dock area....lots of bars,shops,etc...right by,,,,looks new and felt safe,,,a few "hawkers" for taxi,trips,souvenirs,etc...

Dwayne 02-07-2011 07:28 PM

Carnival Corp's new pier and shopping area is really nice. There is a Pancho's Backyard there. The taxi set up is pretty organized as well.

peter l 03-01-2011 09:09 AM

We did experience the new pier in Cozumel with two other Carnival Ships and could also see several ships at the other piers off in the distance...To say the least, it was a very, very heavy cruisers day there and we opted to just take in the pier shops (all new to us) and then back to ship to enjoy the great day on the ship with more room than normal.


penny3333 03-10-2011 10:20 AM

I'm glad you posted that peterl, I forgot to ask you. I guess I had too many other questions on my mind.

peter l 03-11-2011 12:48 PM

That was our one and only pier day in our cruise and a first for us as most of our ports in the past have been tied up as opposed to being tendered...Needless to say, we experienced rough seas during all our tenders but at least we were able to visit the ports of call that were scheduled.


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