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elliemay 04-13-2009 08:14 AM

Hi All; Will be on the Prinsendam for Oct 4 09 14 night cruise. Would like to know about tour operators or "not to be missed" sights. Have been to Cairo, and Giza at other times. So looking for something a little different. Any advice would br wonderful. Thanks

rocket girl 08-26-2009 07:46 PM

Hi Elliemay:
how long will you be docked in Alexandria? if you are there for a good 8 hours or more, might I suggest you think about visiting Abu Simbel or Karnak. You can easily and quite reasonably get a plane down to that area (too far to drive). You can arrange a tour guide to meet you there and take you to and from all places you would like to see and to and from airport.
If you don't want to try that there are many other choices from Alexandria. There is a list of tour guide recommendations at
you could read and choose one or two to contact and ask their advise on what to do. Also you can go to and in the search box type in Egypt forum. once you get to cairo forum there are lots of topics to choose from. you might find ideas there or go to the travel forum in the choices on left of screen when you get to Egypt forum. I found a lot of info reading those. I remember reading on those forums (either Cairo or Egypt forum) that there are some very wonderful day trips to the Western parts of Egypt from Alexandria. Have a great time. We are cruising to Egypt in May 2010, but we only have 2 days/1 night and plan to visit Cairo/Giza since this is our first time to Egypt.
Rocket girl

rocket girl 08-26-2009 07:54 PM

I have a question that maybe you can answer. if not, maybe someone who reads this will know the answer. We are taking a cruise in 2010 which includes 2 nights in Alexandria but can't find info on which side the ship will dock on? we have cabins on port side, and we would like to be able to see land as we come in to dock. Do you know if they dock on port side or not. We are on Royal Carribbean.
Also I will try to find the sites where I read about not to be missed day trips to the West of Alexandria and post them for you. it may take me a few days.
Rocket Girl

elliemay 09-04-2009 10:02 AM

Hi Rocket girl; Thanks for the info on Alexandria. Will go the guide route. Icannot help on which side of ship to be on. My TA was not able to get any sort of answer. For your time in Cairo if money is not a big issue try and get a private all day guide. The Cairo museum is not to be missed! The bad thing is that many busloads show up at the same time. All the guides are shouting out info.So you are hearing a lot of languages and info at same time. Make sure you do a camel ride! Have a great time

rocket girl 09-08-2009 08:52 PM

Hey Elliemay
Thanks for info. we are doing private guide. You're right I think that's the best way to go. I too wasn't too thrilled with large groups on a tour. been there done that and always struggle to hear everything and always rushed. My TA couldn't advise us either on what side the ship pulls into port either. Sounds like it's just luck of the draw.
Can't wait to go to Cairo. I'm sure it will be great.
Rocket Girl

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