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Love Cruising 02-04-2008 10:05 PM

We are cruising with Celebrity on the Infinity in October from Ft. Launderdale to San Diego. We are wondering if we should stay on the ship the whole day while traveling through the canal or whether we should take one of the excursions offered? If we stay on the ship, does anyone know if there is a broadcase commentary?

f-mattox 02-04-2008 10:47 PM

Hello Love Cruising, and welcome to cruise-chat;

I must say I was amazed at the variety of shore excursions offered during your Canal transit. I am doing virtually the same cruise on Princess, and they offer no excursions during the transit.

If you stay on the ship I know there will be commentary at points of interest; and you will have a "front row seat", as it were, of the transit. But some of the excursions looked very interesting.

We are doing all-day excursions before and after the Canal in Cartagena and Costa Rica, so even if there were some available, we would probably pass. I've been through the Canal before, and it's a great day to just kind of kick back and enjoy the scenery.

But hey, it's your cruise and you know best how much activity you want and what sounds interesting to you.

Please keep in touch and let us know how your planning goes.


Love Cruising 02-05-2008 10:07 PM

Thanks, Rick. We were wondering whether cruising the canal on a smaller ship would be better than on the ship. One of the excursions offers that. Any opinion? Also, just curious as to what you did in Costa Rica and Cargagena. Did you go on your own or do one of the ship's excursions?

f-mattox 02-05-2008 10:38 PM

I think a smaller ship for part of the transit would be a nice change of pace. It wasn't quite clear from the description where exactly you debark from Infinity, and later reboard her. But I think a small ship would give you a whole different perspective.

We are doing ship excursions in all our ports; a "Best Of. ." tour in Cartagena, and a trip to San Jose in Costa Rica.

Love Cruising 02-06-2008 02:16 PM

Thanks, I appreciate the help!!

Larry in Miami 02-19-2008 02:34 PM

Going through the canal is something I would love to do. If it were me I would stay on the ship and watch the goings on.

The last time I was in Panama on a regular cruise I went to see the canal anyway.

RichC 02-29-2008 07:08 AM


Originally posted by f-mattox:

We are doing ship excursions in all our ports; a "Best Of. ." tour in Cartagena, and a trip to San Jose in Costa Rica.
Rick, I see you're going to Cartagena in the future. We'll be there in late Oct on the Island Princess. It'll be our second visit to Cartagena & I can recall our first tour (Princess) not being to exciting. We did a city tour which included the fort overlooking the city, rushed to a church & rushed to the old dungeons for shopping & then rushed to the center of the city where we couldn't take out time shopping. We're still looking around for something more exciting.

f-mattox 02-29-2008 10:39 PM

RichC, we originally planned to do the "best of . ." tour, but decided there might just be too much to see. Your first experience there would seem to confirm that. We decided instead to do the Old City Walking Tour. We have done walking tours many places and while you don't get to see as much, you can get more of a feel and taste of a place. I'll let you know how it goes.


RichC 03-01-2008 04:16 AM

Great- we won't be there until Nov. Our cruising is over until the fall. We try to avoid the spring breakers & kids during the summer. Years ago we went to Costa Rica stopping at the port of Puntarenas. We decided to do a tour that included San Jose since there is NOTHING at the port to do & no decent beaches close by. As I can remember we went to the Britt coffee plantation for a tour, then had lunch & toured San Jose. It's quite a ride from the port (50 or 60 miles through the mountains)& actually a very scenic ride.
This year we'll be on the northern coast of Costa Rica, Limon - We have time to decide on what to do there.

oreo 03-01-2008 10:41 AM

Hi RichC, we just got back from a Holland America cruise with Holland America on the Volendam and we had a port call in Porto Limon. We took an Eco tour that included a boat ride on the canals, a train ride and a banana plant. Thought it was very good. It amy not be offered on your ship, but feel some thing similar would be available. Costa Rica is a wonderful destination!!! Did a week long eco tour by bus that included the volcanos, the cloud forest, the beaches, and a tour of San Jose. Highly recommended!! Happy sailing to you.

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